Champlain Towers South Collapse Settlement

The Champlain Towers South Condominium Association, Inc. (CTSCA) and other parties are paying more than $1 billion to settle class actions pertaining to the collapse of part of the Champlain Towers South (CTS) building and the later demolition of the rest, in Surfside, Florida in June 2021. The collapse caused ninety-eight deaths as well as  Read more

Champlain Towers South After Collapse

Tenants Evicted Due to Water Contamination by Navy Fuel Leaks Class Action

The defendants in this case are four landlords on the Hawaiian island of Oahu—Ohana Military Communities, LLC, Hunt MH Property Management, LLC, Island Palm Communities, LLC, and Hickam Communities, LLC—and possibly others, as yet unknown. These landlords, the complaint alleges, have “forcibly evicted” families from their homes because the drinking water for the properties has  Read more

Ohana Military Communities Property

Columbus Square Limited Resident Pool Access Class Action

UDR, Inc. owns apartments at 808, 795, 775, 801, and 805 Columbus Avenue. The complaint for this class action brings suit against UDR and the individual apartment buildings, alleging that the apartments are advertised as having “daylong access” to a swimming pool at 808 Columbus. However, the complaint alleges, “residents are in fact deprived of  Read more

Swimming Pool at 808 Columbus Square

FPI Management Screening Fee Washington Settlement

A $1,600,000 settlement fund will be posted by FPI Management, Inc. to settle a class action alleging that it charged applicants tenant screening fees without first giving them the required disclosures. The complaint also alleged that FPI charged a holding fee on apartments before unconditionally offering them to prospective tenants, in violation of Washington state  Read more

FPI Management Properties

Westgate Timeshares Pressure Tactics and Overselling Class Action

This class action takes issue with methods used in the sale of timeshares, by Westgate Resorts, Ltd. and ten other Westgate companies, and two Central Florida Investments companies. The complaint alleges that the companies use a “high pressure scheme” to make sales, without disclosing to customers all legally-required information, and without providing sufficient access to  Read more

Westgate Resort in Orlando, Florida

Lincoln Property Application and Lock Change Fees Settlement

Lincoln Property Company, Salem Station, LLC, and Lincoln Apartment Management, LP are settling a class action about properties they own and manage in Massachusetts. The complaint alleged the companies violated Massachusetts law by charging fees for applications and for changing locks on apartment doors.  Read more

Lincoln Property Company Name

National Association of Realtors Anti-Competitive Rules Class Action

This class action involves the National Association of Realtors (NAR), The San Francisco Association of Realtors (SFAR), Greater San Diego Association of Realtors (SDAR), and a number of other real-estate-related entities. The complaint alleges that these entities have engaged in anti-competitive conduct that has resulted in “artificially inflated commissions” and higher prices paid by home  Read more

Home for Sale Sign in Front of Home

Oasis Waipahu Rats in Units Settlement

Companies related to the Oasis Townhomes at Waipahu, Hawaii are paying more than two and a half million dollars to settle a class action alleging they violated Hawaii law because the dwelling units they leased were not habitable, were infested with rats or other pests, and were not safe, sanitary, and healthy housing.  Read more

Oasis Townhomes Waipahu

Westdale Brentmoor Eviction Fees Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Westdale Brentmoor, LLC and Westdale Asset Management, LP, which do business as Westdale Properties America I, Ltd. and Westdale Asset Management, respectively. The complaint alleged that these companies unlawfully charged or threatened to charge certain fees when filing eviction actions against tenants at their apartment complexes. These may  Read more

Brentmoor Apartments

ECI Apartments Unrefunded Security Deposits Settlement

ECI Group, Inc., ECI Management, LLC, and DeKalb-Lake Ridge, LLC are settling a class action charging that they did not return some or all security deposits when tenants moved out and did not provide a list of damages to their apartments, within three days, specifying the reasons the money was being withheld. The apartments at  Read more

ECI Property: The Columns at Bentley Manor