Swiss Miss Alkalized Cocoa Not “Simply Cocoa” California Class Action

The complaint alleges that ConAgra Brands, Inc. falsely labels its Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, and other of its cocoa products, as being “Simply Cocoa” and “Made with Real Cocoa.” This is not true, the complaint says, because the cocoa is alkalized.  Read more

Box of Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix

Oreos “Always Made With Real Cocoa” Claims Class Action

Oreos, promoted as “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” are the subject of this class action. The question at issue is a line that its maker, Mondelez Global, LLC, puts on the front of packages of Oreos: “Always Made With Real Cocoa.” The complaint claims that they are not.  Read more

Package of Oreos

Voortman Cookies “Real” Cocoa, Vanilla, and Fruit Claims Class Action

When a company advertises that a product is made with a “real” substance, what exactly does that mean? Is alkalized cocoa “real cocoa”? Is dried fruit “real” fruit? And what constitutes “real” vanilla? The complaint for this class action alleges that SPC Management Co., Inc. advertises its Voortman Cookies in deceptive ways.  Read more

Package of Voortman Fudge Coated Salted Caramel Wafers

General Mills Chocolate-Flavored “Real Cocoa” Cereals Class Action

This class action turns on what is meant by “real cocoa.” The complaint alleges that General Mills Sales, Inc. advertises certain of its cereals as being made with “real cocoa” but actually uses medium alkalized cocoa, a substance that it claims cannot be characterized as “real.”   Read more

Box of Chocolate Cheerios