LGB Token Sale of Unregistered Securities Class Action

This class action alleges that a new cryptocurrency (LGB tokens), based on the Let’s Go Brandon meme, actually consists of unregistered securities. It brings suit against a corporate defendant, known as Corporate Defendant Doe or LGBcoin and groups of individuals (the Executive Defendants, the Racing Defendants, and the Promoter Defendants). The complaint alleges they created  Read more

LGB Token

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency “Pump and Dump” Class Action

The prospects for individuals cryptocurrencies are difficult for individuals to evaluate before they buy. The defendants in this class action brings are SafeMoon, LLC, related other SafeMoon companies, and two groups of individuals (the Executive Defendants and the Promoter Defendants), all connected to the SafeMoon token. The complaint alleges that these defendants used “misleading promotions  Read more

Safemoon Token