Ciox Medical Record Fees Texas Settlement

Ciox Health, LLC is settling a class action alleging it violated Texas law in what it charged for electronic copies of medical records. The complaint alleged it charged more than the Electronic Rate allowed for these records. In this settlement, the excess amount charged above the Electronic Rate is called the Disputed Fee.  Read more

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CIOX Health Excessive Medical Records Fees in Maryland Class Action

CIOX Health, LLC maintains records for healthcare providers around the US. The complaint alleges that it fulfills over 50 million requests for medical information each year. But it also alleges that CIOX charges fees for these records which are well above what Maryland’s Confidentiality of Medical Records Act (CMRA) permits.  Read more

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Express Scripts Excessive Charge for Prescription Records Alabama Class Action

How much is Express Scripts, Inc. permitted to charge an Alabama customer for copies of her prescription records? The complaint alleges that the company charges $90, which it attempts to portray as a fee for a service, but the complaint argues that the prescription records are medical records, subject to Alabama’s cap on prices for  Read more

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Arizona Providers and Requests for Medical Records Class Action

Patients who want to file personal injury cases are likely to need their medical records. If so, they will request them from their healthcare providers. The complaint for this class action cites two problems that come up in this situation: (1) when the records are sent to attorneys, the medical records parties may bill the  Read more

Shelves with Medical Records