Shipping Companies Limitations Claims Actions

This litigation is gathering claims from business and property owners that may have losses related to the October 2021 oil spill in Orange County near Huntington Beach. The limitations action was filed because of allegations against the MCS Danit ship and its owners MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company and Dordellas Finance Corp. and the M/V Beijing  Read more

Orange County Oil Spill

Eagle Road Oil Oklahoma Earthquake Settlement

Eagle Road Oil, LLC is settling one of fifteen class actions relating to earthquakes in Oklahoma. The complaint alleged that Eagle Road’s wastewater disposal wells contributed to causing earthquakes near Pawnee, Oklahoma between November 15, 2014 and September 15, 2022 with epicenters in a 50-mile radius of Pawnee, Oklahoma, including the 5.8m earthquake near Pawnee  Read more

Damage After Earthquake Near Pawnee, OK

Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Manipulation of Xactimate Class Action

This class action, brought against Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, concerns the calculation of actual cash value (ACV) for structural damage to buildings. The complaint alleges that, when figuring ACV payments for claims, Liberty Mutual subtracts depreciation from labor costs, when it should not.  Read more

Liberty Mutual Insurance Logo

State Farm Fire and Casualty Depreciation of Labor Alabama Settlement

State Farm Fire and Casualty Company is settling a class action that challenged its depreciation of estimated costs of labor and other non-material costs for the repair or replacement of damaged structures that were subtracted from its actual cash value (ACV) payouts to Alabama policyholders. The complaint alleged the company had breached their policies and  Read more

State Farm Name and Three-Oval Logo

Plains Santa Barbara Oil Spill Settlement

Plains All American Pipeline, LP and Plains Pipeline, LP are settling a class action alleging they caused the rupture of an underground pipeline, creating an oil spill along the coastline around Santa Barbara County, California on May 19, 2015, with oil washing up on coastal properties and beaches. The complaint alleged the oil spill caused  Read more

2015 Plains Oil Spill

Cincinnati Insurance Company Depreciation of Labor in Payouts Class Action

Can an insurance company calculating a payout for property damage depreciate labor costs? This class action brings suit against the Cincinnati Insurance Company alleging that it should not have depreciated labor in its calculations of payouts for damage to insured properties.  Read more

Cincinnati Insurance Bridge Logo

Society Insurance Improper Depreciation of Labor IL, TN, WI Class Action

When an insurance company calculates a payout for damage to an insured property, the calculation can be made in different ways. This class action takes issue with the calculations of Society Insurance, A Mutual Company, alleging that, in determining the actual cash value (ACV) of a loss, it improperly depreciates labor costs.  Read more

Society Insurance Sign and Building

Voestalpine Dust Settlement

This settlement resolves class actions against three companies—Voestalpine Texas, LLC, Voestalpine Texas Holding, LLC, and Voestalpine US Holding, LLC—about an escape of dust from a facility in Portland, Texas. The complaint alleges that the event began in August 2016 and did damage to both real and personal property in the area, causing nuisance or trespass.  Read more

Voestalpine Facility with Black Dust Covering Area

Frankenmuth “Replacement Cost Less Depreciation” Calculations Class Action

Frankenmuth Mutual Insurance Company offers policies for property insurance. When Frankenmuth calculates the actual cash value (ACV) of losses in certain states, it uses a “replacement cost less depreciation” method. The complaint for this class action alleges that Frankenmuth, in calculating payouts, improperly depreciates labor.  Read more

Frankenmuth Insurance Building

Homesite Insurance Midwest Payouts for Mold Remediation Pennsylvania Class Action

Homeowners’ insurance policies can cover many risks, which may include fire, flood, wind damage, and termite damage, among other things. This class action brings suit against Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest for damage to a home under one of its insurance policies. The complaint alleges that Homesite is improperly withholding its payout for mold  Read more

Homesite Insurance Logo