CenturyLink Price Misrepresentation Minnesota Consent Order

CenturyTel Broadband Services, LLC (which does business as CenturyLink Broadband), Qwest Broadband Services, Inc. (which does business as CenturyLink), and Qwest Corporation (which does business as CenturyLink QC) have agreed to a stipulated consent order resolving a lawsuit brought against them by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. The complaint claims that CenturyLink misrepresented the price  Read more

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Buffalo Wild Wings 99-Cent Takeout Service Fee Class Action

The defendants in this class action are Buffalo Wild Wings International, Inc. and its parent company, Inspire Brands, Inc. The complaint alleges that Buffalo Wild Wings stores displays “deceptive and untruthful menu prices” to customers who are placing takeout orders, because it adds 99 cents to each such order.  Read more

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Hopper Price Freeze Hidden Limits on Price Protection Class Action

Hopper (USA), Inc. offers a product it calls Price Freeze that purports to allow would-be travelers to freeze the price of hotels, flights, and car rentals they’re interested in, in order to have more time before they commit to arrangements. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Hopper in fact only protects from  Read more

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Falls Motor City False Advertising Settlement

Falls Motor City, Inc. (FMC) is settling a class action alleging it violated Ohio consumer protection laws. The complaint alleged that FMC sold or leased vehicles at a price that was more than the advertised price or that did not include the advertised discount.  Read more

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