Egg Companies Price-Gouging During Pandemic Texas Class Action

Food prices have soared during the term of Covid-19. The complaint, filed in Texas, opens its allegations by saying, “This statewide class action concerns the despicable and illegal practice of price-gouging of essential groceries, specifically eggs, during the calamitous and unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic.” It brings suit against Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. and other egg companies for  Read more

Bowl of White Eggs

Amazon Price Gouging During Pandemic Washington Class Action

Businesses are not allowed to take advantage of consumers in an emergency by wildly inflating prices—that is, by price gouging. This class action claims that Amazon.com, Inc. took advantage of customers during the Covid-19 pandemic to impose large rises on the prices of certain items ordered online, in violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act  Read more

Great Pile of Amazon Delivery Boxes

Albertsons Supermarkets Alleged to Engage in Price-Gouging Class Action

With the Covid-19 pandemic, certain vital items have been in short supply: toilet paper, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, face masks, and so on. The complaint for this class action alleges that “unscrupulous sellers have taken the opportunity to profit from desperate members of the of the public by gouging prices of essential items…” This is  Read more

A Safeway Supermarket