Dairy Farmers of America Milk Monopsony Class Action

Dairy Farmers of America, Inc. (DFA) is a nonprofit organization that supposedly benefits its members, the dairy farmers who produce raw Grade A milk in the northeast. But the complaint for this class action argues that it is instead a monopsony that works toward its own benefit and leaves its members operating on very thin  Read more

DFA Processing Facility

Uber and Lyft Drivers No Independence and No Protections California Class Action

The complaint for this class action calls Uber Technologies, Inc. and Lyft, Inc. “a powerful duopoly” in control of the rideshare industry. The central issue: their extensive control, and whether drivers are independent contractors (as Uber and Lyft claim), who should therefore be able to set their own prices and make other independent decisions, or  Read more

Smartphone with Uber on Screen in Front of Steering Wheel