Walmart Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Charge Missouri Settlement

Walmart is paying $600,000 to settle a class action alleging that Walmart for a time over-collected Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Service Charges (PWTSC). The complaint alleges Walmart charged too much on retail purchases made in Missouri stores of prepaid phone or data minutes, by cards, electronically, or by other methods.  Read more

Front of a Walmart Store

Green Dot Prepaid Debit Card and Walmart MoneyCard Service Disruption Settlement

Green Dot has agreed to settle a class action about a longer-than-anticipated service disruption at some times during the period of May 15-22, 2016. The complaint alleges that some holders of Green Dot prepaid debit cards, and or of Walmart MoneyCards issued by Green Dot, attempted to use their cards during these dates but were  Read more

FTC NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card Settlement

Thanks to a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission, NetSpend has agreed to provide refunds and settle a case related to NetSpend’s prepaid debit cards.  The plaintiff alleged that NetSpend advertised immediate access to funds, guaranteed approval, and always-available funds, among other benefits, that they did not or could not provide.  Many low-income people  Read more