Great Plains “Tribal” Company Circumvented Lending Laws Class Action

This class action is one of a number brought against Great Plains Lending and others for predatory lending  practices, including one filed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General. According to the complaint, Great Plains posed as a tribal company in an attempt to circumvent lending laws. Under the scheme, the complaint says, loans were made in  Read more

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Plain Green and Great Plains “Rent-A-Tribe” Lending Scheme Third Class Action

This is the third of three related cases alleging that unscrupulous lenders have used Native American tribal sovereignty to get around state usury laws and illegally extract nearly $70 million from Virginia residents in the last four years. The forty-page complaint contains a great deal of detail on the workings of the two tribal companies  Read more

Plain Green and Great Plains Lending Scheme RICO and Excessive Interest Class Action

This class action involves a payday loan scheme that combines interest rates in excess of 400%, a snarl of interlocking companies, and a “rent-a-tribe” agreement that attempts to use Native American tribal rights as a shield against federal and state usury laws. The name of defendant Kenneth Rees as well as the general outline of  Read more

Navient and Studebt FFELP Student Loan Class Action

If a student loan company Navient Solutions does not tell a borrower of all options available, is it contributing to the predatory schemes of another company that then takes advantage of that borrower? That’s what the complaint for this class action alleges in bringing suit against both Navient Solutions, formerly known as Sallie Mae, and  Read more

Future Income Payments Veterans’ Pension and Disability Benefits Class Action

Plaintiff John Underwood served in the US Air Force for twenty-three years and retired disabled on a pension in 2010. Looking for a cash advance, the complaint for this class action says, he found Future Income Payments (FIP), which in 2012 agreed to give him $10,000 in exchange for Underwood’s transfer of some of his  Read more

TitleMax of New Mexico Unfair Title Lending Practices Class Action

High interest rates on payday or title loans are sometimes justified by the claim that such loans are made only for short terms. But TitleMax of New Mexico, the complaint alleges, charged plaintiff Jesse Romero high interest rates on a loan that was to amortize over twenty-four monthly payments, so that he would pay $4,056.09  Read more

T&R Tax Service Tax Refund Anticipation Loans False APR, Hidden Charges Class Action

This class action alleges that T&R Tax Service or the other defendants violated the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) in providing tax refund anticipation loans (RALs) to people in northwest New Mexico. TILA requires that companies extending credit disclose the terms so that borrowers can see what they’re paying. For example, it requires that lenders  Read more

Plain Green “Tribal” Lending Company Usury Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Plain Green and Great Plains Lending tried to use Native American tribes as a front for their lending activities in order to evade Virginia’s lending laws. Although Plain Green claimed to be owned by the Chippewa Cree tribe and Great Plains claimed to be owned by the  Read more