King’s Hawaiian Rolls Not Made in Hawaii New York Class Action

King’s Hawaiian, LLC is known for its small, sweet, rounded dinner rolls that are made with added sugar and pineapple juice, which it sells as Hawaiian rolls. But the complaint for this class action alleges that King’s packaging suggests that the rolls are made in Hawaii and that this is false and deceptive.  Read more

Four-Pack of King's Hawaiian Rolls

Mowi Salmon Claims: “Sustainable,” “Natural,” “From Maine” Class Action

The product at issue in this class action is smoked Atlantic salmon. The allegations concern how consumers interpret product claims like “sustainably sourced” and “all natural.” The complaint alleges that Mowi USA, LLC and Mowi Ducktrap, LLC make claims on their packaging and advertising of the salmon products that deceive consumers.  Read more

Package of Mowi Ducktrap Smoked Salmon

Hawaiian Isles “Kona” Coffee Non-Kona Origins Class Action

The Kona district, on the Big Island of Hawaii, is famous for its Kona coffee. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Company, Ltd. sells bags of what it labels as Kona coffee, but the complaint for this class action alleges that the coffee is not made from beans from Kona: “In reality, these coffee products are mostly  Read more

Package of Hawaiian Isles Kona Classic Coffee

Kona Beer Origins Settlement

Craft Brew Alliance, Inc. (CBA) is settling a class action alleging it gave consumers the impression that its Kona Brewing Company Beer was brewed in Hawaii. The complaint claimed that the beer was deceptively advertised, because it is brewed in the continental US.   Read more

Kona Brewing Company Beer False Advertising Investigation

If you purchased Kona Brewing Company beer because you thought it was brewed in Hawaii, you are not alone.  An ongoing false advertising investigation is looking into the deceptive labeling that suggests the beer is brewed in Hawaii.  Read more