TikTok Allows Use of Others’ Likenesses, Voices, Content Class Action

TikTok, Inc. runs the TikTok social media platform where users can post videos and gain a following, but they can also advertise and make money. However, the complaint alleges that TikTok violates the Right to Publicity laws, because, it claims, it permits users to pirate the images, voices, and content of others to sell counterfeit  Read more

Tiktok Icon on Phone Screen

Sirius Pre-1972 Recordings Settlement

The complaint for this class action alleges that Sirius XM has been performing, distributing, and reproducing recordings made prior to February 15, 1972, as part of its satellite and Internet radio services, even though it has no license or authorization from the owners of the recordings to do so. According to the complaint, this involves  Read more