Gregory Funding Payoff Statement Fees Not Yet Incurred Class Action

This class action concerns the kinds of fees mortgage servicers are permitted to add to payoff statements, and how those fees may be figured. The complaint sues Gregory Funding, LLC for two fees added to its payoff statement, alleging that the wire fee should not have been added and that the reconveyance fee is excessive.  Read more

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Fay Servicing Payoff Inquiries Regulation X, RESPA Class Action

Fay Servicing, LLC is a mortgage servicer that at times also acts as a debt collector. This class action brings suit against Fay, alleging that it has a “pattern and practice of failing to provide homeowners with an accurate statement regarding the mortgages that it services.”  Read more

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Shellpoint Mortgage Inadequate Explanation of Payoff Items Class Action

Shellpoint Mortgage Services, officially called Newrez, LLC, is a mortgage servicer. This class action alleges that Shellpoint issues mortgage payoff that do not comply with federal laws, like the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Florida state laws. The complaint claims that the mortgage payoff statements issued by the company to borrowers include a  Read more

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US Bank Improper Fees for Payoff Statement Massachusetts Class Action

Mortgages and their servicing are thoroughly regulated, including in the state of Massachusetts. The complaint for this class action alleges that US Bank, NA charges impermissible fees, such as a Payoff Statement Fee and a Discharge Recording Fee, which are included in the Total Amount Due when borrowers request a Payoff Statement for their mortgages.  Read more

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