Secure Parking Enforcement Unlawful Booting of Vehicles

This settlement resolves three class actions against Secure Parking Enforcement, LLC (SPE). The complaint alleged that SPE unlawfully booted vehicles from parking lots in Atlanta, Georgia and Union City, Georgia. Booting involves immobilizing a parked vehicle by attaching a device to its wheel or tire, so that it cannot move.  Read more

Car Wheel with Boot Attached

Boot Man Vehicle Booting in Georgia Settlement

Boot Man, Inc., which does business as Premier Parking Enforcement, is spending $3.5 million to settle a class action alleging that it unlawfully booted vehicles in lots in Atlanta, Georgia. “Booting” involves placing a “boot” or devise around a tire or wheel of a vehicle in such a way as to prevent movement or operation  Read more

Boot on Vehicle

Castle Parking Solutions Booting in Georgia Settlement

Castle Parking Solutions, LLC is paying $3.5 million to resolve two class actions alleging it unlawfully booted vehicles in certain parking lots in Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia. Booting involves attaching a device to the wheel or tire of a parked vehicle that temporarily prevents the vehicle from operating.  Read more

Car Wheel with Boot Attached