Walmart California Wages, Overtime, and Meal Break Violations Class Action

This class action alleges that the Walmart store in Chino, California violated California employment laws by failing to pay minimum wages for all hours worked; failing to pay overtime for hours in excess of eight per day or forty per workweek; failing to let employees take a second meal break when they worked a shift  Read more

Good Shepherd Home Care Workers Unpaid Overtime Class Action

Workers in low-wage industries are often exploited by attempts to circumvent or ignore labor laws. One of these industries is home care, according to the complaint, whose workers in 2015 were specifically given the right to seek redress under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The employer of plaintiff Cassandra Jones, Good Shepherd Healthcare has  Read more

California Wells Fargo Managers Overtime Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit allege that Wells Fargo improperly classified Level 1 and Level 2 bank branch Store Managers as exempt from California's overtime pay requirements, resulting in the failure to pay overtime and to provide meal and rest periods.   Read more

California McDonald’s Wage, Hour, and Employment Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that McDonald’s and Fremak/Marpenny failed to pay them all of their wages, minimum wages, and overtime premiums; failed to provide all required meal and rest breaks; failed to comply with the law for recordkeeping and wage statements; and engaged in other unlawful business practices.   Read more

Securitas Security Services USA Vacation Pay Settlement

Plaintiffs allege that Securitas Security Services should have included annual lump-sum vacation pay upon anniversary of employment when determining overtime pay.  Instead, the plaintiff argues that this vacation pay money was in the form of a bonus.  Read more

Piatti Restaurant Wage Settlement

Piatti Restaurants in California were the target of a class action alleging that the restaurants violated state wage and hour laws by failing to do the following: provide all legally required meal periods and paid rest breaks pay overtime and minimum wages pay wages due at termination provide accurate itemized employee wage statements pay split  Read more