NorthBay Healthcare California Labor Law Settlement

NorthBay Healthcare Corporation is settling a class action alleging it violated California labor laws in a number of ways, including by not accurately paying wages (including overtime wages) for all hours worked, not providing accurate, itemized statements, and not provide required meal and rest periods or paying premiums instead.  Read more

NorthBay Medical Center

Merrill Lynch Wage and Hour California Settlement

Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. is putting up more than $1.3 million to settle a California class action alleging it did not follow all California labor laws regarding its client associates. The allegations included that it did not pay client associates for all hours worked, did not pay the statutory premium wage for  Read more

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Language Line Employment Violations Ohio and California Class Action

This employment class action bring suit against Language Line Services, Inc. (LLS) on behalf of a employees grouped under the approximate job title “Interpreter.” The complaint alleges that the company has violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as well as state employment laws for Ohio and California, by failing to pay earned minimum  Read more

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Sedgwick Claims Management Unpaid Overtime Class Action

Sedgwick Claims Management Services, Inc. is the defendant in a class and collective action brought by current and former employees. The complaint alleges that the company did not pay overtime wages for hours worked over forty per week, as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). It also claims the company did not pay  Read more

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Bergen Recycling No Proper Overtime Pay and Taking of Tips Class Action

This labor law complaint brings suit against Bergen Recycling, Inc. (BRI) and Maria Monteferrario, a related individual, alleging they did not pay employees proper overtime pay and took tips belonging to them. The suit is both a collective action, under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and a class action under the New Jersey  Read more

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Postmates Couriers California Settlement

Postmates, Inc. has agreed to a $32 million settlement alleging it misclassified certain of its couriers as independent contractors when they should have been classified as employees. The complaint alleged that Postmates has violated the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as well as California labor laws, by failing to reimburse couriers for expenses and failing  Read more

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Portfolio Recovery Associates Labor Law Settlement

This settlement resolves a collective and class action against Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC for violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and other labor laws. The complaint offered a long list of allegations, concerning minimum wages and overtime, meal and rest breaks, unpaid vacation and sick pay, unreimbursed business expenses, and other matters.  Read more

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Global K9 Protection Group Labor Law Settlement

Global K9 Protection Group, LLC is settling a class action alleging that it either misclassified dog handlers and site leads or otherwise did not pay them according to state and federal labor laws. The complaint alleged that the company did not pay employees proper wages and overtime, did not give them the required meal and  Read more

Global K9 Protection Group Dogs and Handlers

Gardner Trucking, CRST Breaks and Overtime California Class Action

This employment class action brings suit against Gardner Trucking, Inc. and CRST Expedited, Inc. for violations of California’s Labor Code and its Business and Professions Code. The violations include such things as failure to provide employees with proper meal and rest periods; failure to pay at least minimum wage for all hours worked; failure to  Read more

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Advisors Mortgage Group California Labor Laws Class Action

The same labor law violations are alleged against company after company—lack of proper overtime payment practices and lack of meal and rest breaks. These result in certain other “downstream” violations—failure to provide accurate, itemized wage statements and failure to pay all wages due upon separation. This class action brings suit against Advisors Mortgage Group, LLC,  Read more

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