Peri Farms Wages, Hours, Breaks California Employment Class Action

This class action brings suit against a farm company and its production manager for some all-too-common employment violations, in any setting. According to the complaint, those who work for Peri & Sons Farms of California, LLC, and its production manager, Roy Estrada, do not get proper overtime pay or rest or meal breaks, among other  Read more

Peri & Sons Farm Field

American Income Life Insurance Co. California Labor Law Settlement

American Income Life Insurance Company is choosing to settle a class action alleging the company violated the California Labor Code and the state’s Industrial Welfare Commission Wages Orders, among other things, by failing to pay for all hours worked, including for time spent training. The complaint also claimed the company did not provide overtime pay  Read more

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Kohl’s Assistant Store Managers Exempt from Overtime California Class Action

California labor law requires that assistant managers must be paid overtime pay for overtime hours worked, unless more than half of their time is spent on management work. The complaint for this class action alleges that Kohl’s Department Stores, Inc. and Kohl’s Corporation improperly classify their assistant store managers (ASMs) as exempt from this requirement  Read more

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McDonald’s Pay, Overtime, and Breaks Settlement

McDonald’s Restaurants of California, Inc. and McDonald’s of Culvrl-Sepulveda are putting up $26 million to settle a labor law class action. Three employees brought suit, claiming that the company did not provide proper meal or rest breaks, did not pay overtime and minimum wages, pay all wages due to separating employees, maintain records and provide  Read more

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CVS Avoidance of Overtime Pay for Pharmacists Massachusetts Class Action

This class action alleges that CVS Pharmacy, Inc. requires pharmacists to work overtime, including attending mandatory meetings, for which they were not paid one and a half times their normal rates. Also, on an individual basis, it alleges that CVS did not provide due process to the plaintiff in this case before her termination.  Read more

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Herb Chambers Auto Dealerships Massachusetts Pay Settlement

Herbert G. Chambers, a number of Herb Chambers automobile dealerships, and other parties have agreed to put up $21 million to settle five class actions alleging that workers at the dealerships were not given proper overtime pay or premium pay for work on Sundays and holidays, as required by Massachusetts law.  Read more

A Herb Chambers Auto Dealership in Massachusetts

Food Palace Overtime and Spread of Hours FLSA and NYLL Class Action

Food Palace is a restaurant and gourmet food store in New York City located on Broadway at West 192nd Street. The complaint for this class action brings suit against the business (under its official name, M&V International Food, Inc.) and the two individuals who own and operate it, alleging that the company has violated the federal  Read more

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Instacart Employee Misclassification and Labor Law Settlement

Maplebear, Inc., which does business as Instacart, is settling a class action for just under $11 million. The complaint alleged that Instacart violated federal and California labor laws in a number of ways, by misclassifying employees as independent contractors, not reimbursing their business expenses, not paying wages and overtime, not providing meal and rest breaks,  Read more

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Hyatt Overtime and Rest and Meal Breaks California Class Action

There’s a tendency to think that large, famous companies are better about compliance with labor laws, either because they can afford it or because they have a reputation to uphold. The complaint for this class action, however, alleges that the Hyatt Corporation has violated California Labor Law in numerous ways.   Read more

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Napa Auto Parts Employment Violations California Class Action

Three defendants are being sued in this class action: AutoPartsPros, LLC, Genuine Parts Company, and Napa Auto Parts. The complaint for this class action alleges that all are responsible for the violations of the California Labor Code and Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders alleged by a former employee.  Read more

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