Bank of America Overdraft Fees for Uber Rides Settlement

Bank of America is settling a class action alleging that it falsely classified debit charges for Uber rides as recurring transactions, paid them, then charged the customers overdraft fees. The complaint claimed that, under the terms of its account agreements, the bank should have refused the charges, as they were not truly recurring transactions, and  Read more

Bank of America Sign Against Blue Sky

Bank of America Extended Overdrawn Account Charges Settlement

Bank of America has decided to settle a class action alleging that the extended overdrawn balance charges it charged customers violated the National Bank Act’s usury limit.   Read more

TD Bank Non-Authorized Debits and Overdraft Fees for Ride-Sharing Class Action

Plaintiff Britney Lawrence has an account and debit card with TD Bank, NA. Two documents for the account both promise customers that the bank will refuse debit charges for non-recurring expenses that would overdraw the account, unless they specifically opt into the bank’s Debit Card Advance Program. However, according to the complaint TD Bank honors  Read more

Bank of the Ozarks Arkansas Resequencing and Overdraft Fees Settlement

The Bank of the Ozarks has reached a settlement to compensate Arkansas account holders for allegedly unjust overdraft fees charge for debit card transactions. The complaint alleges that the bank processed debit card transactions not in the order in which they were incurred but from the largest to the smallest, so that it could charge  Read more

Bank of America Overdraft Fees for “Non-Recurring” Debits Class Action

On March 4, 2016, plaintiff N. Pantelyat used the debit card for her Bank of America checking account for a $10 Uber ride, and later in the day, for a $7.67 return Uber ride. Unfortunately, according to the complaint for this class action, Pantelyat’s account balance was too low to cover even the first ride,  Read more

Mountain America Credit Union Overdraft Fees and Reg E Class Action

Financial institutions have different methods of calculating the amount of money in an account, for example, depending on whether they count holds on deposits and not yet completed transactions. According to the complaint for this class action, Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) charged plaintiff Lewis Tilley overdraft fees even when his account contained enough money  Read more

National Penn Bank Overdraft Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action alleging that National Penn Bank breached its customer account agreement when it charged overdraft fees for accounts that were overdrawn based on their available amounts rather than the ledger balances for the accounts.  Read more

Navy Federal Credit Union Unfair Overdraft Fee Class Action

This class action alleges that Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) did not properly disclose its methods of setting aside funds from customer accounts and paying transactions, leading to extra “Optional Overdraft Protection Fees” (OOPFs) being charged to customers for overdrafts they did not expect.  Read more

Citizens Bank Sustained Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit

When a bank charges you not only an overdraft fee, but additional fees on the days before you repay the overdraft, are those additional fees interest on a loan? This class action argues that they are, and that Citizens Bank’s specific additional fees on overdrafts therefore violate federal laws against usurious interest charges. The class  Read more

FirstMerit Overdraft Fees Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that FirstMerit unlawfully rearranged the order by which debit card transactions were posted in customers’ deposit accounts to increase the number of overdrafts that their accounts would experience in any particular day and to improperly charge excessive and unwarranted overdraft fees. Plaintiffs also alleged that FirstMerit began “commingling” or grouping  Read more