HimalaSalt Himalayan Salt False “Organic” Label California Class Action

HimalaSalt-Sustainable Sourcing, LLC sells a variety of flavors of salt which it markets as “organic” salt. The complaint for this class action claims that this designation is false, because salt is a mineral and not an agricultural product. Under federal law, the complaint says, salt therefore cannot be designated as organic.  Read more

Container of HimalaSalt Organic Garlic Himalayan Salt

“Organic” Agave Nectar Containing Isomaltose Class Action

American Sugar Refining, Inc. sells its “Organic Agave Nectar” under the brand names Domino, C&H, and Florida Crystals. The complaint for this class action alleges that the products are deceptively labeled, marketed, and advertised, listing the sole ingredient as organic agave nectar and carrying the USDA label for an organic product, while in fact testing  Read more

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Products Settlement

Harmless Harvest has agreed to settle a class action brought on behalf of consumers of its coconut water products. The class action alleged that Harmless Harvest had misled consumers by putting on its labels that the coconut water was “raw” and “100% organic,” violating both federal and state laws. The products involved are the following:  Read more

Bottle of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

Avalon Organics and Jason Products Organic Claims Settlement

This class action alleges that the labeling and advertising for some Avalon Organics and Jason brand cosmetic products misleads consumers into thinking that the products are organic.   Read more