Manufacturers, Distributors, Pharmacies Opioid Epidemic RICO Case

A very large multi-district litigation (MDL) case on opioids is currently working its way through the court system, with multiple complaints, long lists of defendants, and around 3,500 documents currently on file. The complaints bring suit against a group of manufacturers, marketers, distributors, national pharmacies, and pharmacy benefit managers, for creating or contributing to the  Read more

Pile of Colorful Pills

CVS Makes Opioid Buyers Get Overdose Drug California Class Action

Can a pharmacy force you to purchase a drug you don’t want in order to allow you to purchase one that you have a prescription for? The complaint alleges that CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and CVS Health Corporation are forcing customers who want a prescription for an opioid-containing drug filled to also purchase prescribed medication Naloxone  Read more

A CVS Store

Manufacturers and Distributors Conspired to Raise Opioid Use RICO Class Action

The complaint for this class action begins by pointing out that, since 1999, there have been more than 183,000 opioid-related deaths in the US, or more than three times the number of US soldier who died in the Vietnam War. Its primary allegation is that the manufacturers and distributors of opioids have violated the Racketeering  Read more

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Purdue Pharma, Abbott Labs Deceptive Promotion of Opioids Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that the makers of opioids have deceptively promoted the drugs, minimizing the dangers of addiction, the tolerance that requires increasing dosages, and the sometimes-lethal side effects. Their efforts are described in a fifty-page complaint with extensive footnotes: the development of misleading literature and advertisements on opioids, the deployment  Read more

Opioid Over-Prescription Responsibility Investigation

Our country has an opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, as a doctor at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said, “It is one of the few public health problems that is getting worse instead of better.” More and more individuals and families are dealing with the devastation caused by addiction and overdoses. What is causing the problem?  Read more