Bank of America Unauthorized Escrow Account Class Action

Bank of America is a large entity, with a portfolio of outstanding consumer loans worth $236 billion. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the bank sells consumers add-on products with their mortgages that they do not want. In addition, the complaint says, it may be difficult for consumers to get rid of  Read more

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Fifth Third Bank Opening of Unauthorized Accounts Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, Fifth Third Bank pressured employees to cross-sell to customers. “Cross-selling was Fifth Third’s scheme to grow Bank revenue by requiring employees to sell increasing numbers of products to each customer.” Unfortunately, the complaint claims that this “toxic high-pressure sales environment” caused employees to open fraudulent accounts in  Read more

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TD Bank Unauthorized Account Closings and Reopenings Class Action

A few years ago, the country was stunned by revelations that Wells Fargo had opened a large number of fraudulent accounts in the names of existing customers. This class action alleges that TD Bank, NA has done something similar, “re-opening accounts in the names of consumers without lawful authority.  Read more

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Sterling Jewelers, Comenity Unauthorized Credit Cards Class Action

Tara Lodge took jewelry to a Kay Jewelers store in Ohio to be cleaned and inspected. She had no idea that the saleswoman, who asked for her name to update information, was putting together an application for a credit card in her name. The complaint for this class action claims that Kay’s parent company, Sterling  Read more

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First Citizens Bank of South Carolina Unauthorized Credit Accounts Class Action

Plaintiffs Michael Virzi and Natasha Brenchak wanted a mortgage approval. What they got, this complaint says, is that plus three false credit accounts they had specifically declined. Then they went through the difficulties of trying to get the accounts deleted. The complaint claims that the bank has violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the  Read more

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