Peloton Subscriptions Unnecessary Sales Tax MA, NY, VA Class Action

Peloton Interactive, Inc. not only sells fitness equipment; it also allows users to stream live and on-demand exercise classes in their own homes. The complaint for this class action alleges that Peloton unlawfully charges sales tax on memberships sold to customers in Massachusetts, New York, and Virginia, even though those kinds of digital goods are  Read more

Peloton Bike with Interactive Screen

Yoga Club Workout Clothing Subscription California Class Action

It seems that anything can be sold by subscription these days. Yoga Club, LLC sells yoga workout clothing and related products and offers a service that sends subscribers a three-piece yoga outfit each month. But the complaint for this class action claims that the company does not obey California’s laws for subscription or continuous service  Read more

Sample Monthly Box of Workout Clothing from Yoga Club

Subscription Sign-Up Without Consent Investigation

How would you like to buy an item online—some Adore Me underwear, for example—and find out, months later, that the company charged you each month for more underwear? No, it hasn’t sent you anything, but you’re welcome to pick something out for the money it’s already taken from you. It claims that when you made  Read more

Adore Me Box, Two Bras, and Panties

McAfee Security Software Auto Renewal Class Action Settlement

The plaintiffs in this lawsuit allege that McAfee violated certain California statutes and common law with regard to its autorenewal practices and its advertisements of discounts and reference prices.  Read more

Birchbox Subscription Renewal Settlement

This class action lawsuit alleges that Birchbox, a high-end online cosmetic retailer based out of California, automatically renewed online subscriptions without clearly displaying renewal or cancelation terms.  Many of the accounts renewed were free trials.  Read more

AOL Hacked E-Mail Recovery Class Action

This class action alleges that when users of AOL e-mail have had their accounts hacked and files are subsequently lost, the company has offered those customers paid membership services on a free 30-day trial basis as a means to help them recover the missing data, only to delay the promised assistance until monthly charges become  Read more

NAC Marketing Automatic Subscription Renewal Class Action

This class action lawsuit alleges that NAC Marketing Company, LLC committed violations of several provisions of California's Business and Professions Code by failing to meet the law's requirements for automatic renewal or continuous service offers in connection with the sale of testosterone supplements and other products.  Read more

Gobble Alleged to Use Unfair Subscription Renewal Class Action

Gobble is a company that offers subscriptions to “meal kits”, or partially-prepared meals, so that subscribers can make supposedly “gourmet” meals in ten minutes with one pan. This class action alleges that the company uses unfair and unlawful means to renew subscriptions to their meal service.    Read more

Neopets Automatic Renewal Class Action Lawsuit

This class action lawsuit alleges that virtual pet website operator Neopets engaged in automatic renewals of customer subscription plans without making the clear and conspicuous disclosures about the terms, conditions and price of such renewals required by law.  Read more

Tinder Dating App Class Action Alleges “Free” Services Are Not Free

This lawsuit alleges that TINDER deceptively advertised its online dating  “app” in two ways.  First, it advertised its services as free but then required a $2.99 monthly payment for unlimited swipes.  Then Tinder upped the monthly fee to $19.99 but also debited consumers accounts the additional $2.99.   Read more