Calyx Energy Underpayment of Royalties on Oklahoma Gas Leases Class Action

This Oklahoma case concerns the underpayment of royalties by Calyx Energy III, LLC on natural gas and its constituents taken from Oklahoma wells. The complaint alleges Calyx did this in two ways: by deducting certain postproduction fees it was not entitled to, and by not paying royalties on natural gas Calyx used or allowed third  Read more

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Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Interest on Royalty Payments Class 2 Settlement

Kaiser-Francis Oil Company is paying $1.6 million to settle the second part of a class action about royalties from the sale of oil, gas, or other minerals from wells in Oklahoma. The complaint alleged that Kaiser-Francis did not pay the statutory interest owed on royalty payments that were made late, as required by Oklahoma’s Production  Read more

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Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Royalty Payments Class 1 Settlement

Kaiser-Francis Oil Company is paying $10 million to settle a class action about royalties for oil and gas wells it operates, or has a working interest in, in Oklahoma. The complaint alleged that Kaiser-Francis underpaid the royalties due on gas or gas constituents taken from the wells. This is the Class 1 Settlement, about the  Read more

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Noble Energy, DCP Midstream Underpayment of Royalties Class Action

This is a class action about an earlier class action settlement. The earlier settlement set forth a way of calculating the royalties Noble Energy, Inc. would pay the settlement class. But the complaint for this new class action claims Noble did not stick to that agreement. It claims, first, that another company, DCP Midstream, LP,  Read more

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Hilcorp Interest on Late Oil and Gas Royalty Payments New Mexico Class Action

This class action against Hilcorp San Juan, LP alleges that the company does not pay its oil and gas royalties on time, and that it violates New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Proceeds Act by not then paying interest on the untimely royalties.  Read more

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Superior Oil Refinery Explosion and Fire Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action about an explosion and fire that took place at the Superior Refinery in Superior, Wisconsin on April 26, 2018. The complaint alleged that Husky Oil Operations Ltd. and Superior Refining Company, LLC were negligent in operating the facility and did not adequately compensate those in the community for the  Read more

Superior Refinery Explosion and Fire

EQT, Rice Drilling D Leases Royalty Calculation Class Action

Owners of oil and gas leases are paid royalties on sales of the products taken out of their land. In this case, the complaint alleges that EQT Corporation violated the terms of leases by calculating royalties based on sales to its affiliated companies, rather than on sales at higher prices to unaffiliated companies.  Read more

Belmont County, Ohio

Tug Hill Royalties on Oil and Gas Leases West Virginia Class Action

This class action aims “to recover for the underpayment of royalties and the payment for production owed” under certain oil and gas leases in West Virginia. It brings suit against TH Exploration, LLC, TH Exploration II, LLC, and Tug Hill Operating, LLC, the lessees, alleging that the companies are not providing “clear and accurate information”  Read more

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Marathon Oil Delivery of Royalties on Leases North Dakota Class Action

Cases around oil leases usually center on payment of less than the amount actually owed or a failure to pay interest on royalties paid late. This one alleges the Marathon Oil Company has not paid a required share of the oil produced to those who own the leased property as well as the taking of  Read more

Camino Natural Resources Interest on Late Payments Oklahoma Settlement

Camino Natural Resources, LLC is settling a class action for $2.1 million. The complaint is asking for damages, alleging that Camino did not pay statutory interest, as required by Oklahoma law, when its royalty payments were late.  Read more

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