Stony Hollow Landfill Noxious Odors Settlement

Stony Hollow Landfill, Inc. is settling a class action alleging that it is responsible for at least some of the pollutants, air contaminants, and bad odors coming from the landfill.   Read more

Bethlehem Landfill Bad Odor Nuisance Pennsylvania Class Action

The address is Applebutter Road, but the business located there in this Pennsylvania community doesn’t smell like grandma’s kitchen. The complaint for this class action says that the waste and disposal facility operated by Bethlehem Landfill Company generates noxious odors that are a nuisance to the surrounding community and fails to take legally-required steps to  Read more

IESI PA Bethlehem Landfill

CSX Negligent Train Derailment and Nuisance Class Action

On August 2, 2017, just before five in the morning, a freight train derailed near Hyndman, Pennsylvania. Minutes later, Plaintiff Denora Diehl and about a thousand other people in the area were evacuated. Diehl was not permitted to return home until August 20. The complaint alleges an astonishing level of negligence on the part of  Read more

CSX Train

Marathon Petroleum Explosion and Fire Nuisance Settlement

Marathon Petroleum Corporation has agreed to settle a class action alleging that the company was negligent in not properly monitoring or maintaining the aboveground storage tank resulting in an explosion and fire on April 27, 2013, causing an alleged nuisance to people in neighboring areas. In addition to setting aside awards for class members, Marathon  Read more

General Electric Appliance Park Fire Louisville Neighborhood Settlement

A $1.2 million settlement fund has been set up to settle claims stemming from the alleged property damage, inconvenience, and nuisance caused by a fire on April 3, 2015 in Building 6 at GE’s Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky. Residents in the area were told to shelter in place from April 3-5, 2015, with doors  Read more

Detrex Ohio Chemical Facility Noxious Odor Settlement

Detrex has agreed to a settlement in a class action alleging that its Ashtabula, Ohio chemical manufacturing facility emitted noxious odors into the surrounding area. Under the settlement, Detrex will pay an amount to settle with residents in the area and pay their legal fees in connection with the case and will also take steps  Read more

SunCoke Energy, US Steel Odor and Particulate Matter Settlement

People in an area of Granite City, Illinois will get over $4 million dollars worth of compensation in the resolution of a class action that alleges that a US Steel mill and SunCoke coke-making plant are responsible for particulate matter and bad odors in the surrounding area.  Read more

Arbor Hills Landfill Odor Settlement

Arbor Hills Landfill is allocating five million dollars for remediation and compliance at its landfill in Salem Township, Michigan, plus another $750,000 in payments to its neighbors. This will resolve a class action that alleged that noxious odors from the landfill were the landfill’s fault and responsibility.   Read more