Clean Harbors Colfax Disposal of Ordinance and Nearby Properties Class Action

This class action concerns the disposal of hazardous waste by a facility of Clean Harbors Colfax, LLC because of loud noise, shock waves, toxic smoke, bad odors, and drifting particulate, which affect nearby properties. This class action claims that the company disposes of not only toxic materials but also armaments and explosive substances, and that  Read more

Clean Harbors Colfax Facility

McKinsey’s Consulting Increases Opioid Sales West Virginia Class Action

McKinsey and Company, says the complaint for this class action, was a consultant to makers of opioids that helped boost prescriptions and sales of these drugs. The complaint alleges that the company and its related entities contributed to widespread opioid use by mothers and the painful effects on their babies.  Read more

McKinsey & Company Blue Lines Logo

Chemtool Illinois Facility Explosion and Fire Class Action

On June 14, 2021, an explosion took place at a Rockton, Illinois facility operated by Chemtool Incorporated and the Lubrizol Corporation. The complaint for this class action claims the explosion “result[ed] in an enormous chemical fire that caused a massive toxic smoke and dust plume, visible from more than 100 miles away and detected by  Read more

Chemtool Facility Explosion and Fire

Clairton Coke Plant Emissions Settlement

USX Corporation, doing business as US Steel, is settling a class action regarding its coke plant in Clairton, Pennsylvania. The complaint alleged that certain emissions from the plant—pollutants, air contaminants, and noxious smells—occurred because of the company’s conduct. It claimed that the emissions have interfered with the use and enjoyment of homes in the area  Read more

US Steel Clairton Plant

WestRock Wood Dust Nuisance Settlement

WestRock CP, LLC has entered into a settlement to resolve a class action about its West Point, Virginia facility. The complaint alleged that the facility emitted wood dust, which traveled onto other properties in the area, causing a loss of enjoyment of the properties. The loss of enjoyment allegations included a need for extra cleaning,  Read more

NextEra Wind Farms’ Effects on Nearby Residents Class Action

Plaintiff Kevin Kohmetscher grew up on an eleven-acre piece of land in Nebraska that has been owned by his family for decades. In November 2017, the Cottonwood Wind Farm went into operation on an adjacent piece of land. The complaint for this class action says that the wind farm is causing health and other problems  Read more

Wind Farm

Big Ox Energy Gas-from-Waste Facility Noxious Odors Class Action

It’s possible to make energy out of waste materials. Big Ox Energy, LLC has a facility for doing just that in South Sioux City, Nebraska. However, the complaint for this class action claims that Big Ox’s facility is not properly maintained and operated, causing noxious odors to escape into the surrounding community.   Read more

Big Ox Energy Facility in South Sioux City

Muscatine, Iowa Grain Processing Corporation Settlement

A Muscatine, Iowa company is settling a class action, with both payouts and promises to install better pollution control equipment. The complaint alleged that smoke, odor, and haze from the Grain Processing Corporation’s plant caused a nuisance to area residents.   Read more

Amtrak Herbicidal Weed Killing Also Kills Garden Class Action

Amtrak had RWC, Inc. spray herbicide along Amtrak rail lines in Philadelphia to keep down the vegetation, the complaint for this class action says, but they also managed to kill gardens and other vegetation belonging to people who live along the tracks.  Read more

Amtrak Train

Husky Energy Refinery Explosion in Superior, Wisconsin Class Action

When the Husky Superior Refinery exploded, on April 26, 2018, Plaintiffs Jasen Bruzek, Hope Koplin, and Neil Miller, were forced to evacuate their homes, along with other residents of Superior, Wisconsin. The complaint for this class action alleges that Husky Energy, Inc. and Superior Refining Company, LLC are responsible for the explosion and the losses  Read more

Husky Superior Refinery Fire