Nectar Petit Nectar Drinks “No Preservatives” Claim Class Action

Kasim International Corporation makes Nectar Petit nectar drinks in various flavors that are marketed as having “No Preservatives.” But the complaint for this class action alleges that this claim is false, as the drinks contain citric acid and ascorbic acid, which are, and should be identified as, preservatives.  Read more

Nectar Petit Mango Nectar Drink

Switch Sparkling Drinks Deceptive “No Preservatives,” “No Sugar Added” Claims Class Action

Apple & Eve’s line of Switch Sparkling drinks are marketed as having “No Preservatives” and “No Sugar Added.” The complaint claims that these claims are deceptive and misleading, because the drinks do contain preservatives and because the “No Sugar Added” claims is falsely intended to give the impression that the drinks are low-calorie.  Read more

The Switch Seal: "100% of what you want, 0% of what you don't"

Barilla Pasta Sauces Deceptive “No Preservatives” Claim Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Barilla America, Inc. advertises its pasta sauces with the words, “No Preservatives.” But it says that that claim is false, because the sauces contain citric acid, a preservative.  Read more

Three Jars of Barilla Tomato and Basil Sauce

Campbell Soups False “No Preservatives” Claims Class Action

Do certain Campbell soups contain preservatives, even though their labels say they do not? The complaint for this class action says yes, and claims that Campbell’s is trying to take advantage of “consumers’ preference for less processed foods with fewer additives and the association between such products and a wholesome way of life.” It says  Read more

Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque

Izze Sparkling Drinks “No Added Sugar” and “No Preservatives” Claims Class Action

Izze Sparkling beverages claim to have “No Added Sugar” and “No Preservatives.” But the complaint for this class action claims that these promises are false, even if, in one case, they may be literally true. The complaint claims that the drinks do contain preservatives (citric acid and ascorbic acid) and that the “No Sugar Added”  Read more

Izze Sparkling Drinks

Apple & Eve Juices No Sugar, No Preservative Claims Class Action

It’s not hard to see the objection to a product being labeled with the words “[No] preservatives have been added” if the product contains preservatives. But when is the claim “No sugar added” false, if no sugar was added? The complaint for this class action levels both these allegations against certain Apple & Eve juices.  Read more

Coca-Cola Gold Peak Tea Deceptive “No Preservatives” Labeling Class Action

Does Coca-Cola’s Gold Peak Tea contain preservatives, even though its labels says it doesn’t? The complaint for this class action says yes, because the products contain citric acid, phosphoric acid, and/or ascorbic acid which act as preservatives regardless of the reason for which they’re added. The products in question include any sizes of the following:  Read more