Amazon.com “Subscribe & Save” Deceptive Subscription Program Class Action

Amazon.com, Inc. has instituted a Subscribe & Save (S&S) program that the complaint for this class action alleges is “unlawfully administered.” The complaint claims the program makes use of dark patterns that trick consumers into subscribing, repeats orders at too-frequent intervals, and is difficult to cancel.  Read more

Great Pile of Amazon Delivery Boxes

Walmart+ Subscription Class Action: Illusory Benefits, Hard to Cancel

Businesses have discovered that the subscription model is profitable, locking customers in to regular payments. Walmart, Inc. now offers a Walmart+ or “Walmart Plus” subscription, but the complaint alleges that the automatically-renewing subscription is unfair to consumers in a number of ways, including misleading representations of benefits and deceptive practices.  Read more

Front of a Walmart Store

Tesla “Autopilot” and “Fully Self-Driving” Claims Class Action

Tesla, Inc., which does business as Tesla Motors, Inc., is associated with advanced and self-driving vehicles, but this class action alleges that the company has made excessive claims about its vehicles’ abilities and safety. It brings suit against Tesla, Tesla Lease Trust, and Tesla Finance, LLC, alleging the companies have promised consumers more than they  Read more

Hands Off the Wheel in Tesla Self-Driving Mode

CVS 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Does Not Help Healing Class Action

What should you use the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution from CVS Pharmacy, Inc. for? The complaint for this class action alleges that the product is commonly used improperly and that its labels suggest a use that it is not authorized to claim, that is, the “treatment of minor cuts & abrasions[.]” Two classes have been  Read more

CVS 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Product

PointsBet Deceptive “Risk-Free” Promotions Class Action

This class action brings suit against PointsBet USA, Inc., an online sports betting company, and its subsidiaries in various states. The complaint alleges the companies used deceptive offers of “risk-free” bets and “refunds” to attract new customers and gain market share.  Read more

PointsBet Promotion

Great Value “Honey Mustard” Contains More Sugar Than Honey Class Action

Many consumers nowadays avoid sugar when they can for health reasons. As a substitute, they often look for honey and products that use honey instead of sugar as a sweetener. This class action brings suit against Walmart’s Great Value Honey Mustard, claiming that it misleads consumers to think it is sweetened primarily with honey, when  Read more

Hopper Price Freeze Hidden Limits on Price Protection Class Action

Hopper (USA), Inc. offers a product it calls Price Freeze that purports to allow would-be travelers to freeze the price of hotels, flights, and car rentals they’re interested in, in order to have more time before they commit to arrangements. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Hopper in fact only protects from  Read more

Hopper Bunny Characters

Vi-Jon Hydrogen Peroxide May Slow Healing Class Action

Vi-Jon, LLC sells Swan 3% hydrogen peroxide solution that is labeled as being “For Treatment of Minor Cuts & Abrasions.” But the complaint says that the idea that 3% hydrogen peroxide helps clean and heal wounds is largely a medical myth, and that using it may even slow healing.  Read more

Swan Hydrogen Peroxide

CVS Cotton Swabs Inadequate Warnings About Use in Ear Class Action

The topic in this class action is cotton swabs, which the complaint calls “one of the most curious and bizarre consumer products in the country.” They were originally sold as implements for removing ear wax. However, in recent times this kind of cleaning has come to be regarded as unsafe and unnecessary. CVS Pharmacy, Inc.,  Read more

A CVS Pharmacy

Chicco Car Seats Presence of Flame Retardants and PFAS Class Action

Chicco USA, Inc. originated in Italy and makes child restraint systems and car seats, including booster seats. Car seats are safety devices, but the complaint for this class action alleges that some of Chicco’s car seats are not safe because they contain hazardous chemicals, including flame retardants (FRs) and per- or polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).  Read more

Chicco KeyFit 30 Car Seat Installed in Car