LG, Kenmore Refrigerators with Defective Linear Compressors Class Action

This class action is aimed at designers, makers, and sellers of refrigerators, including LG Electronics USA, Inc., Sears Roebuck and Co., Costco Wholesale Corporation, Lowe’s Companies, Inc., Lowe’s Home Centers, LLC, Best Buy Co., Inc., and Best Buy Stores, LP. The complaint alleges that that these companies incorporate in their refrigerators linear compressors made by  Read more

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Unilever Dry and Foam Shampoos Contaminated with Benzene Class Action

Many complaints have been filed about the benzene found in aerosol personal care products. The complaint for this class action brings suit against Unilever United States, Inc., alleging its dry and foam shampoo products under the Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TRESemmé, and Bed Head brands also contain benzene.  Read more

Dove Dry Shampoos

Amazon Prime Two-Day Shipping Promises California Class Action

Amazon.com, Inc. offers a membership product called Amazon Prime, which among other things, purportedly offers members two-day or same-day shipping on many things they order online from Amazon. But the complaint alleges that Amazon Prime does not actually provide consistent two-day or same-day shipping, even when it purports to offer that at the time consumers  Read more

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Chantix Stop-Smoking Drug Adulterated with Nitrosamines Class Action

Pfizer, Inc. makes the varenicline-containing drug (VCD) Chantix, which is used to help smokers stop smoking. The complaint for this class action alleges that Chantix has recently been adulterated or misbranded because it has been contaminated with a probable carcinogen called N-nitroso-varenicline.  Read more

Chantix Box by Cigarette and Ashtray

Nectar Brand False Sales, False Regular Prices Class Action

Nectar Brand, LLC sells mattresses, bedding, and other products connected to sleep. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Nectar advertises false “sales” and “discounts,” sometimes along with a countdown timer that purportedly shows when the sale ends. The complaint shows two such ads, then alleges, “Everything about these advertisements is false[,]” including  Read more

Bed with a Nectar Mattress

Generac Power Switch Malfunctions in Solar Panels Class Action

Residential solar energy systems can now provide all or most of the energy needs of a home. But this class action claims that the SnapRS 801 switch, made by Generac Power Systems, Inc. for residential systems, is defective and turns on and off. The complaint alleges the switch can melt, catch fire, and cause other  Read more

A Generac Power Location

Ensure Nutrition Drinks Healthy Claims and Added Sugar Class Action

Abbott Laboratories makes Ensure Nutrition Drinks, which come in different varieties, flavors, and forms, but which all bear the claim, “#1 Doctor Recommended Brand.” Abbott makes other claims for the drinks as well, such as “Complete, Balanced Nutrition for everyday health,” but the complaint for this class action alleges that the company makes the drinks  Read more

Ensure Original Nutrition Shake

Amazon.com “Subscribe & Save” Deceptive Subscription Program Class Action

Amazon.com, Inc. has instituted a Subscribe & Save (S&S) program that the complaint for this class action alleges is “unlawfully administered.” The complaint claims the program makes use of dark patterns that trick consumers into subscribing, repeats orders at too-frequent intervals, and is difficult to cancel.  Read more

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Walmart+ Subscription Class Action: Illusory Benefits, Hard to Cancel

Businesses have discovered that the subscription model is profitable, locking customers in to regular payments. Walmart, Inc. now offers a Walmart+ or “Walmart Plus” subscription, but the complaint alleges that the automatically-renewing subscription is unfair to consumers in a number of ways, including misleading representations of benefits and deceptive practices.  Read more

Front of a Walmart Store

Tesla “Autopilot” and “Fully Self-Driving” Claims Class Action

Tesla, Inc., which does business as Tesla Motors, Inc., is associated with advanced and self-driving vehicles, but this class action alleges that the company has made excessive claims about its vehicles’ abilities and safety. It brings suit against Tesla, Tesla Lease Trust, and Tesla Finance, LLC, alleging the companies have promised consumers more than they  Read more

Hands Off the Wheel in Tesla Self-Driving Mode