Town of Apex Impact and Transportation Fee Settlement

The Town of Apex, North Carolina is settling two class actions alleging that it improperly charged fees to go for future projects and development. The complaints alleged that the town charged builders of new structures impact fees (water and sewer capacity fees, capital reimbursement fees, and system development fees) and transportation fees.  Read more

Belmont, North Carolina Impact Fees Water Settlement

Belmont, North Carolina is settling a class action against the city alleging it unlawfully charged water and sewer “impact fees” or “system development fees.” The complaint alleged it charged these fees in addition to regular fees as a condition of building a structure in the city, in order to put aside money for future development  Read more

Golf Course at Belmont Country Club

North Carolina Recovery of “Impact Fees” or “Replacement Fees” Investigation

For some time, some municipalities in North Carolina have been charging builders and developers “impact fees” or “capacity replacement fees.” These are not the usual connection fees that new developments are charged to hook up an area of new homes to services. They’re fees that look ahead to building new sewers and water lines in  Read more