Dollar General Obsolete Motor Oil Settlement

It’s costing more than $28 million to settle this combined class action against Dollar General Corporation, Dolgencorp, LLP, and DG Retail, LLC, for deceptive marketing of DG Auto motor oil that are obsolete and that could potentially harm automobiles. The complaint alleged that the DG auto motor oil sold between 2010 and 2017 was obsolete,  Read more

Dollar General SAE 10W-30 Motor Oil

Honda Oil Dilution Condition Settlement

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is settling a class action alleging that certain Honda vehicles have a defect that allows engine oil to become diluted with fuel. The complaint alleges that the dilution makes the oil less viscous and causes premature wear and ultimate failure of engines, engine bearings, and other engine components, plus increased  Read more

2018 Honda CR-V

XCEL Premium Non-Detergent Oil Settlement

Amalie Oil Company is settling a class action alleging that its XCEL Premium motor oil is worthless and perhaps harmful to vehicles. The complaint argues that it is considered “obsolete” by the American Petroleum Institute because it is a non-detergent oil with an API-SA rating that claims it is unsuitable, harmful, and ineffective for engines  Read more

Amalie XCEL Premium Motor Oil Made for Pre-1930s Engines, Says Class Action

Exactly who is expected to buy oil that is “harmful and ineffective as a motor oil for automotive engines manufactured after 1930”? The complaint claims that Amaie AOC Ltd. sells what it calls XCEL Premium Motor Oil which is obsolete, inappropriate for cars on the road today, and even damaging to contemporary vehicles. The complaint  Read more

Bottle of XCEL Premium Motor Oil