Contract Callers Misleading on Time-Barred Debt FDCPA Class Action

Not all consumers understand that they cannot be sued for a consumer debt once the statute of limitations on it expires. But perhaps even fewer know that if they make a single payment after that, the statute of limitations may be restarted, and that they can again be sued for the debt. The complaint for  Read more

Figure Carrying Letters D-E-B-T on Its Back

Ditech Financial Threat to Report Stale Debt New York FDCPA Class Action

Most consumer debts are subject to a statute of limitations. This means that after a certain length of time has elapsed, the creditor can no longer sue the consumer for the debt and the debt can no longer be reported to credit reporting agencies. The exact length of time that must elapse before the debt  Read more

Bill with Words "Past Due" Stamped in Red

Transworld Time-Barred Debt Collection Letter FDCPA, FCCPA Class Action

Consumers cannot be sued for most of their debts forever. At some point, debts for personal, family, or household uses become time-barred and creditors can no longer take them to court to recover the money owed. The exact length of time it takes for a debt to become time-barred varies from state to state. The  Read more

Papers on Clipboard Saying "Debt Collection"

Dynamic Recovery Solutions Time-Barred Debt Collection Letter FDCPA Class Action

After a period of time, debts can become time-barred. That is, the creditor can no longer sue to collect on them once the statute of limitations expires. However, the complaint for this class action says that Dynamic Recovery Solutions violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) by not informing debtors that any payment on  Read more

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