Food Lion Instant Coffee Number of Cups Maryland Class Action

Many companies that make instant coffees include on their label an estimate as to how many cups can be made from the coffee in the container. Food Lion, LLC offers a Food Lion brand of instant coffee, in 7-ounce containers, that are labeled with the claim, “Makes Up to 120 Cups.” But the complaint for  Read more

Food Lion Instant Coffee

Coffee Mate Original Creamer Number of Servings Florida Class Action

This class action sues both Walmart, Inc. and Nestlé USA, Inc. over claims on a product made by Nestle and sold by Walmart, that is Coffee Mate Original Powdered Coffee Creamer. The product label claims that the 35.3-ounce container “Makes Over 500 Servings” but the complaint alleges that the yield is actually far less than  Read more

Coffee Mate Original Creamer 35.3-Ounce Container

Kroger Ground Coffee Number of Cups Illinois Class Action

The Kroger Company sells different types of Kroger-brand ground coffee in cannisters. Each of the cannisters shows a tag on its front label claiming that the contents of the cannister will make a certain number of servings. The complaint for this class action alleges that the number is false and significantly overstates the number of  Read more

Kroger Select Blend Ground Coffee

McDaniel’s Classic Roast Ground Coffee Number of Cups Illinois Class Action

Moran Foods, LLC owns the Save-A-Lot chain of grocery stores, which offer deep discounts on national brands and many “private label” or store-brand products. At issue in this class action is its McDaniel’s Coffee Co. ground coffee, which comes in 30.5-ounce cans, because of what the complaint calls the “false, deceptive and misleading promise that  Read more

Clover Valley Coffee Number of Cups Settlement

Dollar General Corporation and Dolgencorp, LLC are spending more than $3 million to settle a class action alleging that their Clover Valley coffee packages were deceptively labeled, packaged, and marketed. The complaint alleged that the contents of the coffee containers would not make the number of cups of coffee that the containers claimed, if they  Read more

Clover Valley Donut Shop Blend Coffee

Essential Everyday Ground Coffee Number of Cups Illinois Class Action

This class action brings suit against SuperValu, Inc. and United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) for their Essential Everyday ground coffee products. The containers are labeled to indicate that the contents will make a certain number of cups of coffee, but complaint alleges that they deceive customers because they actually make far less than that number.  Read more

Cannister of Essential Everyday Ground Coffee

Maxwell and Yuban Number of Cups Settlement

Kraft Heinz Foods Company is paying $16 million to settle a class action claiming it labeled its Maxwell and Yuban coffees in a false, misleading, and deceptive manner. The complaint alleged that containers of the coffees were advertised and labeled as containing enough coffee to make a certain number of cups, when they actually contained  Read more

Container of Yuban Coffee

Folgers Coffees Promise More Cups Than Delivered Class Action

When consumers buy coffee, the number of ounces in the container may not tell them much about how long it will last. More useful is the number of cups the coffee contents will make, and many coffee companies put this estimated number prominently on the container. The complaint for this class action brings suit against  Read more

Canister of Folgers Classic Roast

Duracell Optimum Batteries “Longer Life” Claims New York Class Action

AA batteries are the most popular size in the US, used to power cordless telephones, shavers, power tools, and remote controls, among other things. Duracell US Operations, Inc. makes AA and AAA batteries. Its Optimum line markets these sizes of batteries as having “Extra Life” and “Extra Power,” but the complaint for this class action  Read more

Package of Eight Duracell Optimum Batteries

Aldi Beaumont Coffee Number of Cups per Container Class Action

Beaumont Coffee comes in containers that are labeled with how many six-ounce cups the coffee in the container can make. But the complaint for this class action alleges that the cannisters do not hold nearly enough coffee to make as many cups as advertised. The complaint brings suit against Aldi, Inc., Coffee Holding Company, Inc.,  Read more

Canister of Beaumont Coffee