Arizona “Lite” Arnold Palmer and Sugar Content Class Action

Arizona Beverages USA, LLC makes a drink known as an “Arnold Palmer” that’s a combination of iced tea and lemonade. It sells it on 20-ounce bottles that bear the representation “Lite.” However, the complaint alleges that the word “Lite,” like other “low sugar” representations, is not permitted under federal regulations.  Read more

Arizona “Lite” Arnold Palmer Can

Happy Baby, Happy Tot Nutrient Claims on Packaging California Class Action

Nurture, Inc., also known as Happy Family, makes foods for babies and toddlers under its Happy Baby and Happy Tot brands. But the complaint alleges that the company makes nutrient content claims on the products’ packaging that it claims are “strictly prohibited by the Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA’)” for products for babies and children  Read more

Happy Tot Organic Super Smart 4 oz. Banana Mango Spinach w:Coconut Milk

Plum Organics Misleading Nutrient Claims on Baby Foods Class Action

This class action alleges that Plum Organics misleads parents to believe their baby and toddler foods are healthier than they are. It brings suit against the companies responsible for Plum—Campbell Soup Company, the former owner of Plum, and Sun-Maid Growers of California, the owner as of around March 2021—claiming they misbrand their baby and toddler  Read more

Plum Super Smoothie Pouch

Vizzy Pineapple Mango Hard Seltzer Vitamin C Claims Illinois Class Action

Vizzy Hard Seltzer, from Molson Coors Beverage Company and in its Pineapple Mango flavor, claims to have an advantage over other hard seltzers: It’s supposedly made “With Antioxidant Vitamin C.” But the complaint for this class action alleges that the word “with” is misleading as a nutrient claim, particularly because the product is an alcoholic  Read more

Vizzy Hard Seltzer Package