Daiso Japanese Foods Mistranslated Ingredient Lists Class Action

Daiso California, LLC and Daiso Holding USA, Inc. sell Japanese food products in the US. The products’ original ingredient labels are in Japanese, with an English-language ingredient list printed on a sticker that is pasted onto the packaging of the products sold in stores in the US and online. But the complaint for this class  Read more

Tohato Caramel Corn

Cura Partners Mislabeled Cannabis Oil Products Oregon Settlement

Cura Partners, Inc. is paying half a million dollars, plus additional sums for settlement administration and other costs, to settle a class action alleging that some of its Select brand cannabis oil products were mislabeled. The complaint alleged that some of the products contained botanical terpenes and that consumers received products that were worth less  Read more

Select Elite Vape Cartridge

Gold Peak Tea Sugar and Sweetness Labeling Class Action

These days, consumers are favoring drinks that contain less sugar over very sweet drinks. The complaint for this class action alleges that the Coca-Cola Company, the makers of Gold Peak brand teas, present their teas as being less sweet, when in reality, the teas contain far more sugar than customers suspect.  Read more

Hand Pouring Large Bottle of Gold Peak Tea into Glasses on Dock

Seagram’s Ginger Ale Ginger Content Settlement

How much real ginger does ginger ale contain? The Coca-Cola Company has agreed to settle a class action questioning its use of the phrase “Made with Real Ginger” on the labels of its Seagram’s ginger ale containers. The complaint alleged that the labeling misled customers about the form of ginger in the drink and its  Read more

Glucosamine Sulfate Supplement Ingredient Investigation

Do you take a glucosamine sulfate supplement? Is that supplement 365 Everyday Value Glucosamine Chondroitin (from Whole Foods) or GNC Glucosamine Sulfate (from GNC)? If so, you should check the ingredient label and see if you’re really getting what you want.  Read more

Bottle of GNC Glucosamine Sulfate

Voortman Cookies “Real” Cocoa, Vanilla, and Fruit Claims Class Action

When a company advertises that a product is made with a “real” substance, what exactly does that mean? Is alkalized cocoa “real cocoa”? Is dried fruit “real” fruit? And what constitutes “real” vanilla? The complaint for this class action alleges that SPC Management Co., Inc. advertises its Voortman Cookies in deceptive ways.  Read more

Package of Voortman Fudge Coated Salted Caramel Wafers

Magnum Exotics Kona Blend Coffee Contains Little Real Kona Class Action

“Approximately 2.7 million pounds of Kona coffee is harvested each year, compared to 20 billion pounds of green coffee—approximately 0.01% of worldwide coffee production,” says the complaint for this class action. Yes, Kona coffee is special and in limited supply. The complaint claims that the Magnum Exotics label “Kona Blend Coffee” does not contain enough  Read more

Package of Magnum Exotics Kona Blend Coffee

Kind Bars “Whole Fruit,” “No Added Sugar” Claims New York Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Kind, LLC presents Kind bars as being made from, or equivalent to, whole fruits. However, it says, this is simply not possible and that the company does it to make its products seem fresher, healthier, and worth higher prices.  Read more

Cherry Apple Kind Bar

The Honest Company Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Marketing Settlement

The Honest Company is settling a consolidated group of class actions that allege that Honest violated laws against deceptive advertising when it advertised its multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, and laundry detergent as being “free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). The complaints claim that the products did in fact contain SLS.  Read more

Bed Bath & Beyond Deceptive Advertising “100% Egyptian Cotton” Class Action

If you look up “Egyptian cotton” in Bed Bath & Beyond’s own glossary, the complaint for this class action says, you will read, “The world's finest cotton, it has the longest, strongest staple, resulting in the softest, most luxurious fabric and feel.” Egyptian cotton is thus highly desirable, says the complaint, and more desirable to  Read more