EQT, Rice Drilling D Leases Royalty Calculation Class Action

Owners of oil and gas leases are paid royalties on sales of the products taken out of their land. In this case, the complaint alleges that EQT Corporation violated the terms of leases by calculating royalties based on sales to its affiliated companies, rather than on sales at higher prices to unaffiliated companies.  Read more

Belmont County, Ohio

XTO Energy Interest on Late Royalty Payments MT and ND Wells Class Action

Landowners sometimes lease their land to companies that want to extract the oil or gas underneath it. They are paid in royalties, or a portion of the value of the oil or gas extracted. It can be difficult for mineral owners to get accurate information pertaining to their royalties or to get their royalties paid  Read more

Oil Pump at Oil Well

Columbia Natural Gas Storage Fields Use Without Payment West Virginia Class Action

After natural gas is produced, it may be kept in underground storage fields. Natural gas companies must acquire the rights to store the gas in these storage fields from the owners of the land above and must pay for any additional gases removed with the stored gas. The complaint for this class action alleges that  Read more

Natural Gas Burner Flame