Lifeguard Ambulance No Agreement for Charges to Patient Class Action

Problems have arisen in recent years about the costs of medical assistance, the ability of patients to freely assent to those costs, and the outsized nature of the costs themselves. The complaint for this class action alleges that Lifeguard Ambulance Service, LLC attempted to recover transportation costs from a patient that she had never agreed  Read more

Lifeguard Ambulance

Kadlec Regional Medical Center Emergency Room Surcharge Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that the Kadlec Regional Medical Center’s emergency room charges a “cover charge”—a fee in addition to the itemized fees—for being seen at the center’s emergency room. The fee is not disclosed to patients at the time of their treatment and the complaint claims that this is “a substantial  Read more

Kadlec Regional Medical Center Building

AmerisourceBergen Misdiagnoses for Immunoglobulin Sales Class Action

The allegations made in this complaint are startling: that companies paid doctors to misdiagnose patients “for the purpose of increasing sales” of the companies’ expensive immunoglobulin (IVIG) to increase their profits. The companies are a related group: I.g.G. of America, Inc. and IHS Acquisition XXX, Inc. are units of US Bioservices Corporation, which itself is  Read more

AmerisourceBergen Warehouse

Cancer Center Advertising: Investigation of Truth Versus Emotional Appeal

When is it a bad idea to give someone with a serious disease hope? When you’re highlighting an atypical case so that it’s false hope, says the group Truth in Advertising (TINA.org). It’s talking about commercials for cancer treatment centers that use testimonials from patients who recovered, even though the chances of survival with certain  Read more

Cancer Patient Undergoing Treatment

Washington Regional Medical Center Pursues Insured Patient for Higher Charges Class Action

This class action takes on another practice of the convoluted US healthcare system in which injuries sustained in a car accident may not be paid for by the injured person’s medical insurance. The complaint claims that plaintiff Curtis Randolph was treated at Washington Regional Medical Center (WRMC), a hospital within his insurer’s network, but that  Read more

Washington Regional Medical Center Building

Northwest Hospital Emergency Room Charity Care Settlement

Northwest Hospital in Kings County, Washington has agreed to settle a class action claiming that it violated the state’s Charity Care Laws by not screening all emergency department patients to see if they qualified for financial assistance.  Read more

Opioid Over-Prescription Responsibility Investigation

Our country has an opioid epidemic. Unfortunately, as a doctor at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said, “It is one of the few public health problems that is getting worse instead of better.” More and more individuals and families are dealing with the devastation caused by addiction and overdoses. What is causing the problem?  Read more

Pafford Improper Lien with Medicaid Accident Victim Class Action

Plaintiff Karley Williams received head injuries in an accident for which she later got a settlement from the insurance company of the at-fault driver, but the complaint alleges that the Pafford companies that transported her by ambulance and helicopter placed a lien on the settlement funds, violating state and federal laws. Why the lien? Because  Read more