State of Survival False Bargains in In-Game Purchases Class Action

State of Survival (SOS) is a survival strategy mobile-app game with a zombie, post-apocalyptic theme. This class action brings suit against the companies responsible for it, FunPlus International AG and KingsGroup Holdings, alleging that the companies engage in false reference pricing or similar deceptive practices to encourage players to make in-app purchases.  Read more

State of Survival Game

Next-Gen Fake Sweepstakes Settlement

Next-Gen, Inc. and related companies are being hit with a judgment for nearly $115 million, which will be suspended when the companies turn over $30 million in cash and assets. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the State of Missouri sued the companies for promoting fake sweepstakes and “games of skill” that promised cash prizes,  Read more

Words You win!

Dos Toros Restaurants “Naturally” and “Humanely” Raised Meat Class Action

The Dos Toros restaurant chain claims that the animals raised for its pork and chicken dishes are raised “naturally” and “humanely.” But the complaint for this class action says that that representation is deceptive and misleading. It brings suit against Dos Toros, LLC, Dos Toros Holdings, LLC, DT Parentco, LLC, and Founders Table Restaurant Group,  Read more

Dos Toros Restaurant

Snow Tooth-Whitening and Covid-19 Product Claims New York Class Action

Snow Teeth Whitening, LLC, the possible subsidiary of Foresold, LLC, makes tooth whitening products. The complaint for this class action alleges that the advertising and marketing of the products is “fraudulent, false, and misleading…” The complaint alleges that the companies “have recently even sought to extend their fraud to suggest their products could offer protection  Read more

A Snow Tooth-Whitening Kit

Church Church Hittle + Antrim Threat of Legal Action FDCPA Class Action

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) governs how third-party debt collectors may proceed in collecting consumer debts. The complaint for this class action brings suit under this law against Church Church Hittle + Antrim, claiming the firm has violated it by making false representations.  Read more

Stethoscope on Hundred-Dollar Bills