DevaCurl Products Hair and Scalp Effects Misrepresentation Class Action

Deva Concepts, LLC does business as Deva Curl, making products intended for curly hair. The company promotes its products as natural and healthy for hair, but the complaint for this class action claims that, on the contrary, they contain substances that can cause allergic reactions and damage hair.  Read more

Container of DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

Just For Men Hair Dye and Skin Reactions Class Action

The complaint for this class action alleges that Just for Men hair dye contains a substance called p-phenylenediamine, or PPD. According to the complaint, not only can PPD irritate skin, it can take the pigment out of it, and the patch test the product orders consumers to take before each use can increase chances of  Read more

Box of Just For Men Hair Dye

Juul Products, Minors, Addiction, and Health Risks Class Action

The hazards of smoking are well-known. But what about the hazards of vaping? In this Florida class action, a mother brings suit against Juul Labs, Inc., claiming that her two sons have become addicted to Juul products and that Juul does not properly disclose the amounts of nicotine in and other hazards.   Read more

Juul Starter Kit, with E-Cig Device and Four Pods

Orbit Baby Car Seat Chemical Settlement

Orbit Baby is setting aside nearly a million dollars to settle claims in a class action. The class action alleged that Orbit claimed its infant and toddler car seat products, including its stroller system, car seat, bassinet, travel system, and accessories, are free of harsh or harmful chemicals, such as brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.  Read more