American Textile Bedsheets Inflated Thread Count Class Action

What does thread count really mean, and is it a consistent measurement? The complaint explains thread count and alleges that a Sealy sheet set from American Textile Company, Inc. falsely advertises a thread count of 1250, when the correct count is only 223.  Read more


Too Little Milkfat in Nips “Rich & Creamy” Caramel Candy Class Action

Should a caramel candy described as “Rich & Creamy” contain a significant amount of milkfat? The complaint for this class action says yes. It brings suit against Ferrara Candy Company for its Nips brand hard caramel candy, which it says does not contain an appropriate amount of milkfat for a caramel candy and the association  Read more

Nips Rich & Creamy Caramel Candy

Mikimoto Pearls Thin Layers of Nacre on Pearls Class Action

The complaint for this class action on cultured pearls opens by noting, “In literature, pearls have been integral as symbols for the purity of love and human aspiration.” The defendant is Mikimoto (America) Co. Ltd., which presents itself as a producer of high-quality, high-priced cultured pearls, the complaint alleges, yet offering pearls with too-thin layers  Read more

Mikimoto Pearl Necklaces

Ross Stores Sheet Thread Count Settlement

Ross Stores, Inc. are settling a class action alleging that Ross made false and misleading claims about thread count on the packaging of Chief Value Cotton (CVC) sheets, a polyester-cotton blend. The sheets were imported and supplied by AQ Textiles, LLC, under a number of brand names, such as Grande Estate, Bentley Home, and Hampton  Read more

Ross Dress for Less Store

Western Digital Hard Drives Switch to Inferior Technology Class Action

Western Digital Corporation makes hard drives. The complaint for this class action alleges that at some point, Western Digital changed from using Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) technology in its hard drives to Shingle Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology, which is inferior. The complaint claims that the company did not disclose the lowered quality and did not  Read more

A WD Black HDD