Walgreens Gift Cards Theft of Value Class Action

Gift cards or stored-value cards have been growing in popularity over the past decade, but they have also been growing as a source of fraud. Walgreen Co. makes gift cards under its own name and for third parties. The complaint alleges that Walgreen failed to take adequate steps to prevent fraud and tampering with cards,  Read more

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Target Sale of Previously-Accessed iTunes Gift Cards Class Action

How would you like to buy a number of Apple iTunes gift cards, load $1,000 onto them, and then discover that someone else has simply drained that money from them? That’s what happened to Shukai Chen, one of the plaintiffs in this class action. The complaint alleges that Target sells the gift cards, knowing full  Read more

An Apple iTunes Gift Card

Apple Gift Cards Value Redeemed Before Purchase Class Action

Companies have been sued recently for the sales of gift cards whose values are easily stolen, so that those buying the cards lose whatever money they have spent on them. In this case, the parties being sued are Apple, Inc. and Apple Value Services, LLC, for Apple gift cards whose personal identification numbers (PINs) are  Read more

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Walmart Compromised Gift Cards California Class Action

How would you feel if you spent $1,000 on prepaid cards, only to find out that their value had already been spent? How would you feel if this fraud was known, but no one had done anything to stop it? The complaint for this class action alleges that Walmart, Inc., Green Dot Corporation, and Green  Read more

A Walmart Visa Gift Card

Walmart Stolen Gift Card PINs Cost Customers Money Class Action

Walmart sells gift cards that can be loaded with a specific value and used to buy items at its stores. Unfortunately, scammers have found a way to rob customers of the cards’ value. The complaint for this class action holds responsible Walmart, Inc., Walmart Stores of Arkansas, LLC, Walmart Stores East, LP, saying that many  Read more

Walmart Sign Against Blue Sky

REI Dividend Gift Cards Early Expiration EFTA, Washington Class Action

An amendment to the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) aims to protect the value of gift cards offered by retailers. The complaint for this class action alleges that Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) violates EFTA and the state of Washington’s unfair business practices laws because of the early expiration dates on its gift cards.  Read more

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Audible Audiobook Terms Settlement

This settlement resolves two different class actions, against Audible, Inc., Amazon.com, and Amazon Services, LLC, charging that Audible did not make a number of things clear to its customers. The complaint alleged that customers might not understand that membership credits are lost when memberships are cancelled or when rollover limits are reached, or that gift  Read more