Unum Universal Life Policies COI Rate Increases Class Action

This class action concerns the monthly cost of insurance (COI) for group universal life or individual universal life insurance policies that are issued by Unum Life Insurance Company of America and administered by it or its agents. The complaint alleges that the cost of insurance charges for these policies is supposed to be based on  Read more

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Columbus Life Insurance Cost of Insurance Basis Class Action

With certain life insurance policies, the insurance company subtracts certain charges from an account value to pay for the policy each month. The complaint for this class action alleges that Columbus Life Insurance Company has for several years deducted too much from its customers’ account values, in breach of the terms of the policy.  Read more

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Wilco Life Insurance Designee for Notices Before Terminations California Class Action

Life insurance policies are often lifelong investments. However, in their later years, insureds may mis paying premiums because of illness or other difficulties, causing insurance companies to cancel the policies right before they are needed. The complaint for this class action alleges that Wilco Life Insurance Company has not followed California law that requires companies  Read more

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Lincoln National COI Rates and Improved Mortality Class Action

The cost of insurance (COI) that universal life insurance policyholders pay each month may be based largely on expectations about mortality. So what happens when mortality expectations improve? This class action, against Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, claims that when people are living longer, COI rates should go down.  Read more

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PHL Variable Life Unlawful COI Increases Class Action

This class action brings suit against PHL Variable Life Insurance Company (Phoenix), alleging it is imposing an excessive and unlawful cost of insurance (COI) increase. It concerns a subset of policies, Phoenix Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) and Phoenix Estate Legacy (PEL) policies.  Read more

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State Farm Life Insurance Determination of COI Missouri Class Action

This class action brings suit against State Farm Life Insurance Company for breach of contract and conversion, claiming the company has wrongfully deducted certain amounts from the Account Value of its Form 94030 universal life insurance policies. The complaint claims that, in an earlier case, the court made a judgment against State Farm for the  Read more

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John Hancock Cost of Insurance Settlement

John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York and John Hancock Life Insurance Company (USA) are settling a class action for more than $123 million, alleging that they increased cost of insurance (COI) rates on certain Performance Universal life insurance policies unlawfully. The complaint alleged that the companies also violated certain state laws by issuing  Read more

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Standard Life, Protective Life Designation Notice Requirements California Class Action

People who are elderly or sick may have difficulty keeping up with bills and other necessities for a stable life, and may need help from a third party. The complaint for this class action alleges that Standard Life Insurance Company and Protective Life Insurance Company do not provide the annual notices required under California law  Read more

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Northwestern Mutual Life Policy Terminations California Class Action

When Cheri Poe’s husband died, his insurance company told her that he had had no coverage at the time of his death and that she could not make a claim for any benefits. This class action brings Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, alleging that the company did not follow the requirements of California’s insurance laws  Read more

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MetLife Insurance Premiums 700% Increases Class Action

“People buy life insurance for comfort and peace of mind.” The complaint for this class action begins its Allegations of Fact with this line. At issue is a policy with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife), for which MetLife has increased premiums over 700% in recent years. The complaint alleges that the increases are imposed on  Read more

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