Kaiser-Francis Oil Company Interest on Royalty Payments Class 2 Settlement

Kaiser-Francis Oil Company is paying $1.6 million to settle the second part of a class action about royalties from the sale of oil, gas, or other minerals from wells in Oklahoma. The complaint alleged that Kaiser-Francis did not pay the statutory interest owed on royalty payments that were made late, as required by Oklahoma’s Production  Read more

Oklahoma Gas Wells

Hilcorp Interest on Late Oil and Gas Royalty Payments New Mexico Class Action

This class action against Hilcorp San Juan, LP alleges that the company does not pay its oil and gas royalties on time, and that it violates New Mexico’s Oil and Gas Proceeds Act by not then paying interest on the untimely royalties.  Read more

New Mexico Well

RCN Telecom Late Fee Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against RCN Telecom Services, LLC, a number of other RCN Telecom companies Starpower Communications, LLC and Patriot Media Consulting, LLC about late fees the companies charged broadband Internet customers. The complaint alleged that the late fees were charged in a manner that was not consistent with RCN’s terms and  Read more

RCN Telecom Initials and Logo

Riverlink Toll Bridges Partial Settlement

A partial settlement has been reached with Gila, LLC, in a class action against it and Kapsch TrafficCom USA, Inc. about the assessment of penalties and fees for the failure to pay tolls for the use of the Riverlink Toll Bridges that connect Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. This Settlement appears to affect those who  Read more

Riverlink Toll Bridge

Western Dental Late Fees California Settlement

Western Dental Services, Inc. is paying $3 million to settle a class action alleging that the company violated California law when it charged customers late fees for payments on installment contracts for dental services.  Read more

A Western Dental Office

Bravo Arkoma Interest on Late Oil and Gas Payments Oklahoma Class Action

Oil and gas well companies enter into leases that allow them to take oil or gas out of land owned by others. In exchange, they pay the owners a portion of the proceeds from the oil or gas taken from the well. The complaint for this class action alleges that Bravo Arkoma, LLC does not  Read more

Oklahoma Oil Well Facility

FNMA Inaccurate Mortgage Payoff Statements Reg Z Class Action

What happens if you don’t make your mortgage payments? The mortgage loan becomes accelerated, or due in full. The complaint for this class action alleges that the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) improperly imposes late charges when mortgage payments are not made after acceleration, even when the mortgage agreements don’t allow for that.  Read more

Brick Building with Lawn and Fannie Mae Sign in Front

Firmus Management Late Rent Fees Violate Texas Property Code Class Action

Can landlords set penalties for late rent payments at whatever level they think is right? The complaint for this class action says, “Not in Texas,” and compares the charges of Firmus Management and Construction with the provisions for late fees in the Texas Property Code.  Read more

Algarita Lakeside Apartments