BH Management Process for Charging of Security Deposits Florida Class Action

BH Management Services, LLC manages residential real estate, in Florida as well as elsewhere. One of its duties is the collection and handling of tenants’ security deposits, but the complaint alleges that BH Management does not comply with Florida law when it does not return entire deposits or charges tenants additional amounts for damage after  Read more

BH Management Services Property in Iowa

Tenants Evicted Due to Water Contamination by Navy Fuel Leaks Class Action

The defendants in this case are four landlords on the Hawaiian island of Oahu—Ohana Military Communities, LLC, Hunt MH Property Management, LLC, Island Palm Communities, LLC, and Hickam Communities, LLC—and possibly others, as yet unknown. These landlords, the complaint alleges, have “forcibly evicted” families from their homes because the drinking water for the properties has  Read more

Ohana Military Communities Property

HHDC Security Deposit Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation (HHDC), HHDC-Damen Court, LLC, Damen Court Preservation, LP, Damen Court Preservation, NFP, Hispanic Elderly Housing Corporation, Sacramento Elderly Housing Corp., Damen Court Associates, LP, and Damen Courts Apartments. The complaint alleged that tenants were not given a summary of the Chicago Residential Landlord  Read more

A Property of the Hispanic Housing Development Corporation

Oasis Waipahu Rats in Units Settlement

Companies related to the Oasis Townhomes at Waipahu, Hawaii are paying more than two and a half million dollars to settle a class action alleging they violated Hawaii law because the dwelling units they leased were not habitable, were infested with rats or other pests, and were not safe, sanitary, and healthy housing.  Read more

Oasis Townhomes Waipahu

Westdale Brentmoor Eviction Fees Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against Westdale Brentmoor, LLC and Westdale Asset Management, LP, which do business as Westdale Properties America I, Ltd. and Westdale Asset Management, respectively. The complaint alleged that these companies unlawfully charged or threatened to charge certain fees when filing eviction actions against tenants at their apartment complexes. These may  Read more

Brentmoor Apartments

Gateway Plaza Residents Settlement

Marina Towers Associates, LP is on track to spend a total $42,000,000 to settle a class action about defects of apartments in the six buildings of its Gateway Plaza on South End Avenue in New York. The complaint alleged that residents could not properly heat or cool their apartments and had to use excessive amounts  Read more

Part of the Gateway Towers Complex

NRP North Carolina Rentals Collection Letters and Eviction Settlement

The NRP Group, LLC, NRP Management, LLC, NRP North Carolina, LLC, NRP Partners, LLC, NRP Alston Village, LLC (Falls Pointe at the Park), and NRP Alston Management, LLC are settling a class action alleging they violated the North Carolina Residential Rental Agreements Act, among other state laws. The complaint alleged that the companies unlawfully either  Read more

Pegasus Residential Eviction Fees Charged to Tenants Late on Rent Class Action

When tenants are late with the rent, are landlords allowed to charge them eviction fees when no eviction proceedings have ever taken place? The complaint for this class action alleges that Pegasus Residential, LLC, Inwood Holdings, LLC, and MP Bridges at Southpoint, LLC charge tenants more than the law allows and more than they should  Read more

Bridges at Southpoint Aparments in North Carolina