Google Pixel 6 Smartphone Fast Charging Claims Class Action

If a smartphone advertises that it “Charges 50% in about 30 minutes,” can it actually charge that fast? And how long should it take to charge completely? The complaint for this class action takes issue with the claims it alleges Google North America, Inc. makes for its Pixel 6 smartphones and their charging abilities.  Read more

Google Pixel 6 Smartphone

Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free “Antiplaque” Toothpaste Class Action

This class action relates to a Tom’s of Maine, Inc. toothpaste that is marketed as being “Fluoride-Free” and “Antiplaque & Whitening.” The marketing of the product is misleading, the complaint claims, because it suggests that the toothpaste contains ingredients that are as effective at preventing plaque and gingivitis as fluoride. The complaint claims that this  Read more

Tom’s of Maine Fluoride-Free Antiplaque Toothpaste

Natrol Cognium Does Not Improve Memory, Claims Class Action

Natrol, LLC makes two supplements, Natrol Cognium Memory and Natrol Cognium Memory Extra Strength, that the complaint for this class action alleges are advertised as improving memory. But the complaint alleges that the claimed active ingredient, a protein, does not have that effect and that the products “have less protein than a slice of bread.”  Read more

Natrol Cognium

Little Remedies Gripe Water Colic Relief Claims Class Action

This class action concerns a product made by Prestige Consumer Healthcare, Inc., known as Little Remedies Gripe Water. The complaint for this class action alleges that this product is advertised as a remedy for symptoms associated with colic in babies, but that if that is so, it is a drug that requires approval from the  Read more

Little Remedies Gripe Water

Core Values “Maximum Strength” Lidocaine Patches Class Action

Bed Bath & Beyond, Inc. makes products under the Core Values brand, including “maximum strength” pain relief patches that are supposed to deliver 4% lidocaine for hours. The complaint for this class action alleges that the advertising and packaging for the product are misleading, because of the product’s adhesion, “maximum strength” designation, and claims of  Read more

Core Values “Maximum Strength” Lidocaine Patches

LeafFilter Accumulation of Debris Settlement

This settlement resolves a class action against LeafFilter North, LLC, alleging that it advertised its LeafFilter gutter system as being maintenance-free when it requires periodic cleaning. The complaint alleged that the gutter system’s top accumulated organic debris, such as leaves, pine needles, twigs, branches, seeds, and pollen as well as inorganic material such as shingle  Read more

LeafFilter Gutter System

CVS Health “Fluoride Free,” “Antiplaque,” “Natural” Toothpaste Class Action

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. offers a CVS Health toothpaste that is “Fluoride Free,” Antiplaque,” and “Certified Natural,” but the complaint for this class action alleges that none of these claims, nor the indication of peppermint on the packaging, are completely true—at least, not as the typical consumer would understand them, it claims.  Read more

CVS Health Fluoride Free, Antiplaque Toothpaste

Meijer Lidocaine Pain Relief Patches Misrepresentations Class Action

This class action concerns Meijer pain relief patches that claim to deliver 4% lidocaine over a period of time. The complaint brings suit against their maker, Meijer, Inc., alleging that the promises made for the product are misleading in multiple ways, because of its poor adherence, “maximum strength” claims, and desensitizing claims.  Read more

Meijer Lidocaine Pain Relief Patches

Equaline Lidocaine Patches Misrepresentations Class Action

This class action takes issue with the Equaline lidocaine pain relief patches offered by SuperValu, Inc. on three counts. It claims the patches do not adhere long enough to provide the advertised relief, that they do not truly provide the “Maximum Strength” of lidocaine available, and that they make improper desensitizing claims.  Read more

Equaline Lidocaine Patches

CareOne Lidocaine Patches Poor Adhesion, Incomplete Pain Relief Class Action

The subject of this class action is CareOne lidocaine pain-relief patches made by the Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, LLC. The complaint alleges that they do not provide the long relief they advertise because they do not adhere to the body well enough, and that they do not in fact offer the maximum dose of  Read more

CareOne Lidocaine Patches