GitHub, OpenAI, Microsoft Use of Open-Source Code Class Action

This class action, against GitHub, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, OpenAI, Inc., and a group of OpenAI companies, makes allegations of software piracy, in reference to two programs. Codex, from OpenAI, the complaint claims, powers Copilot, a joint venture between GitHub and OpenAI. Microsoft has invested in OpenAI, the complaint alleges, and Copilot runs on its Azure  Read more

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Action Lab Entertainment Comic Creator Contracts Class Action

Action Lab Entertainment (ALE), the defendant in this class action (along with Brian Seaton, its CEO or publishher), sells comics, in digital or print form. The plaintiffs are a considerable group of creators of comics who have signed agreements with ALE and who now want to have those agreements dissolved or voided. The complaint claims  Read more

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InventHelp Fraudulent Services for Would-Be Inventors Class Action

Plaintiff Etta Calhoun had an idea for an invention, and she was attracted by InventHelp commercials, which claimed that the company had “more than 9,000 companies who have agreed to review ideas” it submits. However, the complaint for this class action alleges that InventHelp maintains a fraudulent web of companies that do nothing but defraud  Read more

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Sony Pictures Entertainment Home Video Settlement

Sony Pictures Entertainment is settling a class action alleging that it did not properly calculate amounts due to profit participants (such as producers, directors, and actors) related to revenues for home viewing, where contracts did not expressly specify the calculation of such revenues. These include Home Video Revenue (from sales of physical copies of movies,  Read more

Sirius Pre-1972 Recordings Settlement

The complaint for this class action alleges that Sirius XM has been performing, distributing, and reproducing recordings made prior to February 15, 1972, as part of its satellite and Internet radio services, even though it has no license or authorization from the owners of the recordings to do so. According to the complaint, this involves  Read more