Columbus Life Insurance Cost of Insurance Basis Class Action

With certain life insurance policies, the insurance company subtracts certain charges from an account value to pay for the policy each month. The complaint for this class action alleges that Columbus Life Insurance Company has for several years deducted too much from its customers’ account values, in breach of the terms of the policy.  Read more

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State Farm Life Insurance Determination of COI Missouri Class Action

This class action brings suit against State Farm Life Insurance Company for breach of contract and conversion, claiming the company has wrongfully deducted certain amounts from the Account Value of its Form 94030 universal life insurance policies. The complaint claims that, in an earlier case, the court made a judgment against State Farm for the  Read more

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Voya Financial Life Insurance Policy Monthly Deductions Class Action

Plaintiff Robert Barnes bought a Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance Policy in 1984, but the complaint for this class action claims that Voya Financial, Inc., the current insurer, has violated the terms of the policy in its deductions from the Cash Value savings component of the plan. The complaint alleges that the company calculates the  Read more

Jackson National Life Insurance Breach of Policy Contract Class Action

Plaintiff Roy Smithson bought an insurance policy that had an investment or savings component that the complaint for this class action refers to as its Accumulation Value. Each month, the complaint claims, the Accumulation Value for the policy is intended to change and grow, according to certain formulas. But according to the complaint, Smithson’s insurance  Read more