Conservice Refusal to Provide Billing Information California Class Action

Conservice, LLC, which calls itself a utility management provider, bills individual tenants at apartment complexes for their share of utility bills for things like water, pest control, and trash. But the complaint for this class action alleges that Conservice does not follow California law for this pro-rata billing, alleging that it may add upcharges and  Read more

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Cengage Learning Calculation of Textbook Author Royalties Class Action

Cengage Learning Holding II, Inc. and Cengage Learning, Inc., the defendants in this case, are publishing companies; the plaintiff, Fred Kleiner, is an author. The complaint alleges that Cengage underpays Kleiner’s royalties by ten to thirty percent and thus calculates that Cengage owes authors $12 million to $18 million in underpaid royalties each year.  Read more

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Toyota Financial Lease Repossessions and Balances Owed Investigation

Has a vehicle you leased been repossessed? Was it financed by the Toyota Motor Credit Corporation or Toyota Financial Services? Some consumers are complaining that when they fall behind on their lease agreements and their vehicles are repossessed, the company incorrectly figures what it is owed, in an attempt to squeeze as much money as  Read more

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