State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance Refusal to Cover Personal Property Loss Class Action

On or about April 30, 2014, a heavy rainstorm deposited eight to twelve inches of rain across parts of the state of Maryland, causing substantial damage in some areas. The complaint for this class action alleges that State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance refused to pay benefits to cover some of the damage to personal  Read more

CareFirst Insurance Reimbursement Denial Class Action

According to the complaint for this class action, Richard Ades purchased a PPO health insurance policy that covered himself and his family from GHMS, a subsidiary of CareFirst, Inc. During the term of the policy, the complaint says, Ades’s minor son had surgery for sleep apnea, a Covered Service, but the company did not reimburse  Read more

USAA Casualty Insurance Termite Damage Depreciation Class Action

Plaintiff Mona K. Levine insured her property against certain losses with USAA Casualty Insurance. When termites caused a collapse and other damage, the complaint alleges, USAA incorrectly calculated the payment due to her. The class for this action include all persons in Florida who meet the following criteria: They were insured by USAA Casualty Insurance  Read more

Allstate Washington Med Pay/PIP Insurance Class Action Settlement

This agreement settles a class action alleging that Allstate and its companies violated Washington state law by failing to pay medical expenses and benefits, due to policy holders and providers under the Med Pay or PIP coverages in its policies, because of Allstate’s use of a computerized bill review process in the adjustment of claims.  Read more