Scripps Health Inadequate Information Security Class Action

Around April 29, 2021, Scripps Health suffered a ransomware attack that the complaint for this class action calls “massive and preventable[.]” The breach exposed the personal and medical information of around 147,000 people. The complaint holds that Scripps is responsible because it did not provide adequate security for its network servers where the information was  Read more

Scripps Health Medical Center in Escondido

Waste Management Employee Information Data Breach Class Action

As a condition of employment, employees are required to give companies their personally identifiable information (PII). USA Waste-Management Resources, LLC (WMR) and its subsidiary Waste Management, Inc. (WMI) employ more than 48,000 people, operating landfills and transfer stations and using waste to create energy. Because of a data breach that occurred between January 21 and  Read more

A Waste Management Recycling Truck

Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack and Shutdown Class Action

In May 2021, the Colonial Pipeline Company was hit with a ransomware attack that locked data in its systems and led to a pipeline shutdown. Colonial quickly paid the ransom, but it took five days to restart the pipeline. This class action brings suit on behalf of the gas stations impacted by the attack, alleging  Read more

Colonial Pipeline