Hyundai Ioniq, Kona Electric Vehicles Decreased Range Class Action

The Kona and Ioniq are electric vehicle offerings from Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Motor America, but this class action alleges they have an identical defect. That is, they have less than the advertised range for their models. The complaint alleges that the batteries in the vehicles “can only attain the promised range by charging  Read more

2021 Hyundai Kona EV

Chevy Bolt Battery Range and Spontaneous Fires Class Action

Imagine that you are lying in your bedroom and you hear a whooshing sound below. When you go to investigate, you find that your car, sitting quietly in the garage, has burst into flames. This class action brings suit against General Motors, LLC for a battery defect in its 2017-2019 Chevrolet Bolt. The complaint alleges  Read more

2019 Chevy Bolt in the Snow